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Whos' going where the next few weeks?

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  • Whos' going where the next few weeks?

    So who all is going where these next few weeks?

    Since people on this site are from all over the US, what are your picks of where to go dance?

    I think I'll be in Rome, GA
    try Chattanooga, TN.
    show in Tellico PLains,
    maybe Mt Juliet, TN.

    that's all for now though
    who else?
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    I wish Chattanooga weren't so far from here!

    We will be at the Trail of Tears in Hopkinsville Ky, Sept 6,7 & 8
    and Port Royal TN Oct 13, 14, 15 (I think)
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      If all goes well I'll be going to these events here in Ohio and WVA:

      Labor Day Powwow, Grove City 8/31-9/2

      Riverfront Feastival and Powwow, Moundsville WVA 9/7-9/8

      Honor the Eagle Gathering, 9/14/02 Lake Erie Science and nature Center, OH. This is a benefit event to help the continues assitance of Eagles that have been injured or are ill. A VERY good cause!! Would suggest it to anyone who can make it.

      Blanchard Powwow, Findlay Ohio 8/28/8/29
      Don't sweat the small stuff. Leave things you can not change alone and move on. The Creator will take care of all you need
      :49: Powwow Dancin is the best!! :dancer:


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        Where Going


        Am going to try for North Dakota and Butte, Montana.


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          Labor Day is Illinois... daughter is headlady

          Then may go to Missouri or Loudenville the third week of Sept. haven't decided
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            WASHINGTON DC...big powwow at the site of the new museum on the mall...big contest money and COZAD will be there (from Anadarko, OK my neck o the woods) and Black Lodge. YEAH!!!
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              Hey Mato,

              Might be at Loudenville myself!! Wanna look for each other there?

              Don't sweat the small stuff. Leave things you can not change alone and move on. The Creator will take care of all you need
              :49: Powwow Dancin is the best!! :dancer:


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                going to a little local one the first weekend of september, cahokia mounds the second weekend, and another local one in october:D :)
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                  Has anyone attended the Bismark, North Dakota Pow-Wow? Any information you have would be very appreciated. Also, has anyone attended the Delta, Colorado PowWow? I thank you all.



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                    I am actually gonna be going to a Pow-wow, Sept.6-8th :Thumbs ...The 56th Annual Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, AZ. Haven't been to a pow-wow since the Gathering of Nations. I really can't wait to see pow-wow folks :39: Well I pray for y'alls safe and fun trips...take care and God Bless.

                    Oh for y'all going out to D.C., have fun for me!!!!! I wish I was going to be out there :)
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                      Wherever any of us go, drive safe and return so all of us can share in your experiences. Doksa.


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                        Hey asdzzaanneez- read about he Miss Navajo nation and what they have to do for the title buthcering a sheep, carding wool...
                        alot of traditional stuff going on, like to hear that .

                        Let us know is you watch any of their contstants and what they do, another side of the country and tribe makes me wish could travel more

                        Those going to South Dakota and Mont envy you have loads of fun let us know how it goes and those getting to listen to Cozad adn Black Lodge:p envy you tooo!

                        Be safe everyone
                        Well will wonders never cease.....


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                          I have to work Labor Day. The wife has to work Tuesday. We are stuck and have to go to a very small powwow close to home. After hitting some fairly big ones, it's going to be quite a difference. Anyways, it'll be laid back with plenty of time for intertribals and fun stuff. Not contest after contest after contest. It'll be fun. We may even see some wannabees and get a few laughs. Where ever you all go, travel safe! There's a lot of dangerous divers out there this weekend. I seen two car crashes on our trip to Conneticut.


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                            So many powwow's, so little time! We better get to dancin ladies and gents!!

                            :32: :dancer: :dancer: :32:

                            Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!!

                            Don't sweat the small stuff. Leave things you can not change alone and move on. The Creator will take care of all you need
                            :49: Powwow Dancin is the best!! :dancer:


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                              i ll be at coharie the 14 and pembroke the 17!!!
                              wish me luck coharie will be my first pow wow dancing in regalia!!!! :( :Chatter


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