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Just a couple quick questions.....

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  • Just a couple quick questions.....

    Are crow style dresses considered cloth??

    What about Northern Traditional dancers who have wool dresses with the short fringe and beadwork.

    Are these two style dresses considered cloth??

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    If the lady Crow style dancer is in Oklahoma - she would probably hit the cloth category, but if she is at some of the larger pow-wows (comeptition) I would think that both styles would be northern traditional.

    You might see if there are any Crow ladies here and ask them.


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      Crow Style!

      A lot of powwows i've been to have had "Northern Traditional" categories, so i usually register in there....that way i get to wear both my elktooth & buckskin dresses. If they get specific & there's a "cloth" category, then i'll register there.....then i get to wear my elktooth & nez perce wing style dress. Just depends on the powwow & the categories.

      *BE EASY*


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        Well I have seen them compete in cloth thats it. But i guess not many crow come out to some of the Nc powwows. Well anyways thats just what I have seen.
        ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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          hey buckskin you got a picture of your nez perce wing style dress?
          have never heard of this or probaly not even seen this
          could you please please post a picture for us!!!?????:)
          Well will wonders never cease.....


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            Wing dress

            I don't think i have any pictures of my dress, but will probably have sum after the Smithsonian powwow this wknd.....i'll see what i can do!
            You've probably seen them before, they're usually a solid color wing dress, with a flower design on the front breast area as well as across the back. the flowers are usually outlined with beads, the same color as the material used for the flowers.

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