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How do you wear you hair?

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  • How do you wear you hair?

    I usually wear my hair down or up in a bun. How do you wear your hair?

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    French braided with wraps and barrett.
    Lightening Woman


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      depends on my mood, sometimes, braided, sometimes down
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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        I usually wear either one braid or two, depending on my mood. I wore two braids this past Sat, with brand new hair wraps, and lost one, before going in the ring, we couldn't find it, and asked around, I guess it went home with someone! So on Sunday I just wore one braid, with the left over hair wrap! My hair is too curly to wear down, and feel comfortable dancing. When it's wet, it hangs past my waist, the dryer it gets, the curlier it gets, (in big Shirly Temple curls,) the shorter it gets!
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          Sometimes I would like to wear my hair down, but I was told it is not proper. Does anyone know what the proper way to wear your hair really is?
          Lightening Woman


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            split down the middle

            I wear my hair in two braids, sometimes behind the ear, sometimes over the ear (ol' crow style) I was told to always keep my hair braided while dancing to protect myself. If your hair is loose, it's very easy for others to get a hold of it & possibly "use it" against you. You never know what people are capable of or how they percieve you -so i play it safe & keep my hair braided as neat & tight as possible.

            *BE EASY*


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              Originally posted by Tsiniti
              My hair is too curly to wear down, and feel comfortable dancing. When it's wet, it hangs past my waist, the dryer it gets, the curlier it gets, (in big Shirly Temple curls,) the shorter it gets!

              I understand you completely!!! My hair is the same so I have to wear it in braids for pow wows and up any other times. Wet it is bout 2inches above my waist and dry its mid back. I do love to woear it nice and curly but its too much hastle in the morning rush!!!:)

              i should post a pic i think i will so ya'll can see:)


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                I think the proper way to wear you hair is according to your tribe. I know my tribe the women wear their hair down or sometimes in a bun. If I am wrong on one of those phrases DeltaDawn please correct me.
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                  I agree with buckskin pantyhose! I was taught to be careful with your hair around people. Don't let just anybody braid it for you at pow-wows and don't wear it loose in the areana.

                  When I judge, I also think poorly of girls who don't have their hair done! If you can have it braided one day and not the next, to me this is disrespectful. Everyone else out there takes the time to do their hair, who are you that your's doesn't need to be done?When your hair isn't done out there in that areana, you don't care about representing your family in the best way and showing respect. As a judge, I have marked people down for this.
                  Everyone else takes the time to get ready, why can't you?
                  Sorry, but this is a peeve for me.
                  Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

                  Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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                    well then move your choctaw/cherokee butt back out

                    since Cherokee's wore their hair down if not married and braided when married and cut when husband died.

                    so now how am i supposed to wear my hair,
                    acording to the pow wow or according to my tribe???????

                    please tell all fancystar
                    Well will wonders never cease.....


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                      Fancy Star--

                      As a judge, I have marked people down for this.
                      How dare you Do you know the ways of all tribes or just yours? Not everyone follows the same ways. Did your "teacher" know all as well?

                      You should be ashamed for making a statement like that. How rediculous are you???????


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                        Hey luvsstarightdancer, ZIP IT!!!
                        Don't even start with the condoning crap because you've made some "rediculus" statements yourself!
                        As for markign down, your damn skippy!!
                        I will make down these people that were too busy snagging and runnign around instead of getting ready like everyone else.
                        NOW< I did not say I don't place you but if pow-wow people read your rules youget at dancer registration, It states " All DAncers must be fully dressed for contest and grand entry!"
                        Last I checked, people dress their hair up to go with their outfit! Hairties and etc.
                        So eitehr br fully prepared all weekend or don't gripe and complain when you get knocked down inplacing because you thought you didn't have to be fully prepared all weekend as long as you were for 1 session!

                        SO see clearly before you try griping!!

                        You don't have to agree with me but don't even try to condone me!:Yell

                        p.s. delatdawn: wear your hair accordingly. Since your hair is so short it's not like you have that many options.
                        Pow-wows aren't a cherokee thing so do what you want! Hell shave your head bald and get your design tatooed onyou!
                        Start a trend!
                        Last edited by FancyStar; 09-13-2002, 03:51 PM.
                        Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

                        Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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                          thanks for the approval to shave my head!:)

                          I undertsand about the not pointing for someone whose hair is not completely up or down. when someone has partialy braided their hair then not the other side, i can understand

                          but i was aksing about my hair whether or not it is too short is not the point:):):(

                          luvs - - fancy is going through I don't know what:),
                          but if you read her post its about being ready for comp. , not tribal hair style but up for dancing is her point people chill on here!!:):)

                          may get that tatoo after all!
                          Well will wonders never cease.....


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                            FancyStar---Zip it yourself. I thought you were supposed to judge based on dancing ability, not if everyone fits your standard of being dressed and ready to go. Competiton is about dancing style not hair fashion. I need to know though, which type of braid do you want to see---over the ear, oldstyle, those cute corn rows, or the "tradish" ever popular french braid with the cutesy zig zag part? Want to make sure my family is "properly dressed" when and if we ever visit your neck of the woods.

                            For you to assume that someone is lazy, running around or snagging because their hair is not braided is sad. In my opinion, you are passing judgement and appearing to be all knowing. That just isn't right. Now I know why we don't go to North Carolina.:)

                            Delta Dawn -- not sure what FancyStar's deal is. Don't really care. I did realize that she was talking about competition but who made her Head Judge. I would also like to see the ballots they use out there. In Oklahoma you get a piece of paper, a pen and told to pick however many places they are paying. We do not judge on regalia, hairstyle, color coordination, puff paint on the face, or anything other than how the person DANCES. That's what the competition is for.

                            Ayita 16 -- wear you hair the way you want to -- not according to someone else's "teachings". Do your own thing girl!

                            One last thing FancyStar -- get a dictionary and spellchecker -- I did not condone you in any manner. Enough said - I'm through with this "How do you" thread. Later.


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                              Now Children quit your :Yell
                              Lightening Woman


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