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How do u make a T-dress?

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  • How do u make a T-dress?

    Ok I am either going to find someone to do it for me or My grandmother is going to make it for me. I just need the directions on how to make it and any other advice will be very helpful.
    Thank you,

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    Hold your arms out straight, and have someone measure you from elbow to elbow, then measure from neck to just below where you want the dress to end, allow for arm width, usually about a 5 -6 inch sleeve, measure around your largest area, and add 3- 4 inches, and voila, there is your T dress. This was posted in a book written in 1897, and used at some of the colleges, that teach Native American History, as a way they could make their own ummm humm costumes! (the books word, not mine!)

    I have a copy, that was researched, and written by Lib Roller, a Creek woman who taught at the University of Tennessee, and used to come to many of our Girl Scout Leader Camps, to teach Native American stratigy so we could turn around and teach our girls enough to get a badge ..... I miss her sooooo much, but she has since passed, I remember the first time I met her, she fussed at me because I didn't know some of the games of my own heritage.
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      The Western style "t" dress has been around since the 1840's or so. It is more complicated that just measuring up and down.
      1. Measure from the neck to about 6 to 8 inches from the floor.
      2. This will be for the body of the dress. When you double it, you will have the back and front of the dress.
      3. For 36 or 45" material it will take about 3 yards.
      4. Double the measurements in #1. Fold in half and you can cut a hole for your head. Do not make a slit, but do make a slightly rounded hole you can get your head in and out

      Oh! heck! just send me your address and I will send you the pattern for a correct "t" dress.



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