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    okay, I have a question to ask and im not even sure if this is the right forum to put it in. So here goes. I was raised that you didnt wear black clothing, dress, apron, skirt, now that doesnt mean something with black in it just all black. I have seen alot of all black lately at powwow's and I am wanting to know if the times have changed and anything goes? Or is there still people out there who have been taught what I have been taught.(doesnt sound right LOL). looking forward to some opinions on this......:D
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    I really have not heard anything about not wearing black. I have a black dress which was designed after the first dress that the late Mary Ann Anquoe ever wore. Hers was black velvet and that is what mine is. When she adopted me into her family she told me that I was to make a dress patterned after her. So......evidently some tribes (or people) have been wearing black for a very long time.
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      I hadn't heard that either. I have a reason for my choice of black in my outfit. In the Lakota way... black represents the west and I have a personal connection with that direction.
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        I have a friend who has an all black skin dress, besides it being reallly hot at the pow wows she hasnt said nething about it not being alright.
        then again my cousin told me that all skins should not be any color besides brown or white.

        i think its up to you what you wear, just look into your tribal traditions first


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          My outfit is black. My shawl is mainly black, with some silver and green designs in it. My dress is mainly black, with some silver at the bottom. My vest/yoke is silver and green with some black accents. My leggings are also black, so are my moccs. It does get really hot in the summer, but it looks nice. I haven't been told its wrong to do so.


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            Howdy Ladies!
            Ok, the way i was taught is that we don't wear black unless you're in mourning, and when you're in mourning you usually don't dance. We don't have black ndn outfits.
            When we go home to visit we don't even wear black casual clothes, shirts, sweaters, etc., just outta respect. (Besides, you definitely don't want to be "corrected" by Grandma!.....hahaha!)

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              Buckskin pantyhose, that is also the way i was taught. I see so much black now and i wanted to see if it was a fad or if different tribes had different views on the subject and i have seen many different views:)
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                I have alot of dance stuff that is black....and from our tribal's okay to wear black. It's often a sign of mourning, and some tribes think that a woman wearing all black is the sign of a woman looking for a man....anyway, my stuff isn't all black, but I have a couple of skirts that are black, and a blouse that is black. Its a color that looks nice with almost anything, if you put it together right. really should talk to people of your tribe to see their point of view on wearing black. :D


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                  I read somewhere that green was the color for mourning. Is this true? I don't see that color much at powwows, but I really like some of the fabric that I have seen...but don't know if it is taboo.
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