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  • Northern Cloth/Southern Cloth

    Where are you from?

    Do you dance No. or So. Cloth?

    While dancing, what's your style?

    Your contest has been called. You're getting 2 songs.
    What style of songs are you hoping for?

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    I grew up in Southern Oregon, I have lived in Interior Alaska for 16 years now. I most definately dance Northern, but know how to do both. My granny and mom and others always made comments when I was a little kid, that I danced like an old woman. I guess I still do. I like my songs to sound very old and soft.


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      I dance southern cloth, I guess I am old school since I am old. LOL I do have some flashy beadwork, so I am just a little contemp, not alot, just a little.
      When I get two songs I want a straight, medium tempo and a round dance. I danced to OtterTrail at Lawton in april and they sang us a round dance that too slow for me, the girls that dance their round dance slow looked good but I looked like a little elephant stompin' around.
      I like a good even tempo round dance, youngbird,yellowhammer,southernthunder,cozad...Coz ad sings a good straight too. Not too fast, not too slow. Southern boys have an awesome round dance beat...just makes you want to dance and then head to the '9 after the pow wow. LOL j/k I don't do that anymore. LOL
      I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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        Thanks for the replies ladies.

        As for myself, I dance Northern cloth.
        I danced northern buckskin before, but now I choose to dance cloth for awhile.
        Not forever, just for the time being.
        When I dance, I circle the arena and wish for a medium tempo song. Especially at the beginning of the season when
        my legs get all tired fast. Slower song = tired legs. LOL. As for my 2nd song, I'd like a rounddance. I am equally happy with a straight song too.


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