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  • Crowns!!

    I was just wondering what was everyone take on dancers who wear crowns with their regalia, but are not and have not been crowned previously as a princess? Do you think everyone should be able to who can or just those who were made representatives of their tribes/organizations (past & present)?

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    Though not of the cloth dancing, I wear a crown, done splendidly by REDHORSE. :D

    I have 'earned" to wear it in my own right, have come a long way in the past two years.

    Times they are changing, and I belive if you are lucky enough to have a crown, why not wear it?;)


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      Contest wise, why not? I think it compliments a southern traditional outfit. BUT< that does not mean everybody looks right with one. I couldn't imagine deltadawn wearing one in contest!LOL
      As for the princess thing, it's a mundane issue nowadays.
      As pow-wows have changed so have the rules for etiquette!
      Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

      Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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        I wear a crown, and I was Sac & Fox Tribal Princess back in the day when being a princess was not mundane. Only tribal princesses then. Early 80's. Nowadays there are princesses for every little organization there is and not always true tribal organizations. We had chaperones, were not allowed to 49 ( I did get away once, but did not party and my mom took me and waited for me in the car LOL, it was at Stroud which is the coolest 49) I "earned" my crown by being voted on by the tribe as well as the council of elders who chose me. Everyone else nowadays wears one because it's cool, or for competition. To each his own, but I was given my right by my own tribe.


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          Fancy you're just jealous, cuz I don't want a crown on my head, (I have horns no room for a crown)

          Congrats to all those who have earned the right to wear crowns!

          Tooter, now your kids can say they mom was a cherokee princess (i bet you never heard that before?)
          Well will wonders never cease.....


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            I am currently a princess right now. Have been southern cloth and I haven't really ever thought about wearing a crown before I got my title. But I believe that when I get my new regaila I may make a crown for it. Maybe not who knows.

            Personally I think it depends on you, what tribe you are from, or wether you were a princess or not.
            ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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              YO! this is my first time posting on here. And i'm very much partial to wearing crowns if you have the right. And i belive that right is being a good princess. Any girl can be a princess, but a good princess is always willling to help the committee, and represent the committee in anyway they can. I've been princess twice in my life, and those were the funnest times i've ever had. I traveled all over met so many people.

              Lately, as i've gotten to be a lil bit older and more set in my ways, I've see girls take titles and dont even care about the committee they represent. My opinion, if you're not going to wear their crown for 1 year you shouldnt wear any crown at all.
              There's nothing finer than the QUAPAW girl at a nine'r. *L*


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                What exactly do the crowns represent?
                or what tribe had crowns?

                I know EBCI has beaded crowns and the Western has a metal crown.

                I've seen Miss Ind OK have metal crowns too.

                so what is the difference where did it start?
                Well will wonders never cease.....


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                  I wanted to ask the same question Deltasawn asked. What is up w/ the metal crowns? I mean do they not wanted beaded ones or not? Personally I don't like the Metal crowns. but that Is my opinion.
                  ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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                    If you are a princess, I think the crown is to signify that you hold an important position in that you are representing a group or specific tribe. It is a way to make you stand out, to call attention to the group or tribe that you represent.

                    Metal crowns are often less expensive than the beaded ones and you alo don't have to come up with a design or color scheme that will go with all of the princess's outfits or personal tastes. Makes it a little easier to hand down. A beaded crown is more personal and often reflects the preferences of the young lady wearing it.

                    My daughter was princess for two organizations here in OKC and wore a beaded crown with both titles. She kept her first one, it was made for her. The second reverted back to the organization when she gave up her title and was passed to the next two.

                    Nothing real scientific or handed down by elders just my opinion:D


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                      Silver crowns are beautiful and mostly reflect the taste of the tribe or organization. They are made out of sterling silver and are handmade and stamped which shows a particular artist's craftmanship. Although my organization crowned me in a beaded crown, the silver crown's are very much sought after and admired. Silver crowns or rhinestone crown can be worn at more formal events like banquets and meetings, whereas the beaded crowns are mostly worn at powwows and gatherings.

                      Personally, I feel that unless you have been crowned by a tribe or organization to represent them as a Native woman or an Elder Lady who has dedicated her life to our people, then you have no business wearing a crown that still signifies ones responsibility (past or present) to represent our people as an ambassador. To me crowns should not be a mere powwow fashion statement, but a reflection and expression of the individual and her duties as a princess.

                      Just my thoughts,


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                        was not asking which crown metal or beaded was better, personally i like the metal ones.

                        the beaded crowns are getting to much glitz i think(rhinestones etc...) but anyway

                        I was asking were did the crown come from ?

                        what started the first crown?
                        Well will wonders never cease.....


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                          Not sure what started the crown thing, only know that a sister in law was princess for a local tribe in the 1950's and she had a crown. Would probably have to find someone older than us to get an appropriate answer. My only guess is that it would signify royalty or person who deserved respect of others.


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