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    Hi! Well, I have a common dilemma with my knees. I am 37 and have been dancing all of my life. This past year I began to have trouble with my knees and dancing southern cloth....well it does not look very graceful when you are struggling with your knees. Any suggestions on how to alleviate the pain and still dance nicely? I have knee braces of every kind, analgesic gels, icy hot patches, and last but not least muscle relaxers and pain medication. Still, nothing works for very long and I have lost the confidence in myself that my knees are gonna give and make me look foolish. The doctors have x-rayed, MRI'd and all of that and cannot find anything major for surgery. I am at the point of desperation. Please advise......................(serious responses pleaseLOL)

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    Sounds like arithitis setting in, not sure about chronic or even if that kind of stuff is hereditary.

    Sounds funny but....some claim WD-40 works. Ever tried the "blue stuff"? Hope you have that pop back in your step soon.


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      Yeah, my brother and my mom both have had knee surgery. I guess I am just in denial, hoping for something miraculous to happen so that I don't have to sit on the side and watch. You know that old saying, dance for those who can't anymore? That is becoming a reality. Blue stuff works for a little while,but my knees swell anyways. The doctor's can't find anything else there, just keep me in mind! Thanks


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        What about Alieve? They say that works! I have bad hips and back, I don't do the big sway, just a small one, all I need is to be out there and have a hip dislocate, and do a funny dance no one's ever seen before, I keep a cane with me just in case, but since I shattered my pelvis below the hip, there is nothing the Dr's will do, until I'm much older, and the hips are totally gone! I just kinda step step with one foot then the other with knees, slightly bent.
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          STATE....if you wouldn't have said anything, I'd have never known!! anyway, when my knees start hurting, I take like three or four (or five!) Advil and dissolve them in some warm water. then rub that on your knees, and it will help. to relieve the swelling, when your done dancing, go sit down and elevate your feet. Don't get up again until you have to. Don't give blood time to pool in your legs...the faster you get them up, the less they swell. I know how much you love to dance and all....but if your knees hurt before you start....don't aggrivate the pain anymore...just hang out and watch. You still have a chance to dance and enjoy yourself, don't overdo it and loose that ability.


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            Bad Knees

            My knees went bad on me a couple of years ago when I was 37. I think it was a combination of old basketball injuries and a bad gait I developed due to a bone spur. I had the bone spur removed, but still had knee problems. Then in an effort to rehabilitate myself, I started taking water aerobics. I could not believe the difference in just a few months.

            At first I felt I was too young to go through all that, but the doctor confirmed I have arthritis in both knees and a torn ligament in one. When I walk down the hallway late at night I can hear my joints grinding against each other. But, since I started the water exercises, my muscles seem to be stronger (especially in my lower back), I'm able to dance without pain and best of all, I've lost a few pounds. My favorite part of the swimming is the 15 minutes I spend in the hot tub.

            I did take a short hiatus from dancing until I felt I was able to dance without pain. I still need painkillers for after the last dancing session, usually Sunday night, but not anything close to what I was going through before. I seem to be able to get through the one-day dances without any trouble now. So, I highly recommend water exercises. It really paid off for me.


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              STATE - I use a rubbing alcohol and peppermint oil combination and rub it on my knees when the "Old Arthur" flares up. Provides a warmth and smells alot better than those other rubs. Seems to help me, even use it on my hands and wrists especially when working on your ribbonwork. LOL!

              You might also try some of the cartlidge repair meds that you get over the counter. Many says that it works wonders. Am sure you will find something that works, hate to see you on the sidelines - hope you are up and dancing soon.


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                My boss gave me some kind of linimint (?) that her husband uses on his race horses. It is supposed to loosen the joints and muscles and he puts it on them before they run. I kind of like the hot tub thing. Well, I am going to Kinder and I have a new outfit (thanks to Luvstraightdancers) and with all of the advice I received on the boards, I will give it my best shot! Everybody keep me in their prayers, I know I will receive a good healing from your thoughts and prayers! Thanks!


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                  You are welcome STATE, hope you like the ribbonwork. I think you will look great. Hope the linament fromyour boss works. Let me know how the dress works out.:D


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