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  • November

    Hey well since DeltaDawn put up a post for November. I said "what the hecK? I might as well put up a post about november"

    So what are all of you doing for november??

    I am going to Stone Mountain Powwow
    and Cherokee Youth Center powwow.

    Getting ready for my moms side of the family reunion. The beautiful Smith Christmas reunion. heh crowd more than 100 people in my house for a reunion. OMG.


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    Recuperating from October, and getting ready for Christmas, lots of gifts to make(notice I did not say BUY?)
    Your Heart Shows by how Your Words and Actions Affect Others.

    Nah I ain't NO WANNABE! I don't gotta wannabe when people wannabe like me!


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      Going to some Texas pow wows. I am a co-sponsor for the Indian Club at the school I work at. It is a boarding school here in Oklahoma. We are going to be doing alot of activities during the month of November. Watching some football and getting ready for basketball season with my girls. One goes to school at Riverside,the other goes to school in Apache. They will be playing each other. LOL Also getting ready to play handgame against the Crows when they make their yearly travel here. Hopefully win alot of money at that! LOL Sewing and beading to get ready for Prairie Island Christmas Pow Wow.That is always fun to go to.


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        My only plan is giving up my title at the pow-wow i am representing here in AZ, in November!


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          Let's see my oldest will be going to hilton head the end of this month into November

          stone mtn pw
          CYC PW
          columbia sc PW
          skinwalkers on pbs Nov 24
          and catawba festival
          Well will wonders never cease.....


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            Husband is on staff 11/9 so have to start sewing for that. Also have been asked to do some work for one of the local indian schools.

            Want to go to Austin, Chicago and Apache that month as well. Also plan on real nice anniversary dinner with spouse 11/26.

            Other than that it is sewing and beadwork in my spare time.


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