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Wearing your own tribal clothes

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  • Wearing your own tribal clothes

    How many of you wear your own tribal clothes, or do you wear regalias from a different tribe? And if so, how were you given the right to wear those clothes?
    I wear Ponca, Otoe, and Sac & Fox clothes. These are my tribe's clothing that I wear whenever I dance. My mom is full blood Ponca and my dad is Sac & Fox, Pawnee and Otoe. My girls are Comanche and the above tribes. My girls were dressed Ponca, but dance in their Sac & Fox and Otoe clothes most of the time.
    When I got married, 19 years ago, I was given Comanche clothes by my husbands relatives. I have only worn these on a few occasions. My Buckskin dress was made by Florence Chasenah, and I have worn that several times but gave it to my oldest daughter. We also have been given a jingle dress, by my sister from Minnesota, and one of my daughters wears this on occasion, but mostly we stay with our own clothes. My dad has three adopted daughters, who he gave the right to wear our clothes. Alice Ann Kaulaity, Sharon BrokeShoulder and Lisa Ewalk. We dressed them and gave them a set of ribbonwork to wear. We fed the people when we did these things for them. They wear their clothes with respect and I am proud to call them my sisters.

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    Keepin' it Crow

    I'm both Crow & Ft. Peck Sioux. I was raised in the Crow way & dance Crow Tradish. I love it because our dresses & dance styles are very distinctive of our tribe.
    One of these days i'd love to have a fully beaded sioux style dress like my mother has.

    Until that day, i'll continue high steppin' crow style!!

    *BE EASY*


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      I dance in my tear dress which is from my tribe the Cherokee. And pretty soon I am getting my tear dress.

      Buckskinpantyhose-Geeze a fully beaded sioux style dress. I wander how long it took to do all that beadwork? Shoot if I did that proabley take me 10 years LMAO:Chatter :o


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        Whoz your favorite cloth dancer??

        Some good ones i think are

        -Judy Gibson
        -Vicki Standingdeer
        -Lenora Prenup
        -Sharon Harris
        -Becky Goins

        ~more to come~......................
        ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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          Re: Whoz your favorite cloth dancer??

          Originally posted by Ayita16
          Some good ones i think are

          -Judy Gibson
          -Vicki Standingdeer
          -Lenora Prenup
          -Sharon Harris
          -Becky Goins

          ~more to come~......................
          Shouldn't this be in the favourite cloth dancer thread??

          Anywayz...I dance Jingle now, but I have a tradish Iroquois dress. The one with the wrap around skirt and the overdress. I only use that to smoke dance in though, my mom is going to start using it to dance though. lol

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            I thought I had made a new post. Oops
            ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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              CrowStylin' it........

              I dress Crow Style & that's it. If I dressed any other style I'd hafta hide from my gramma the next time I seen her! Not that I would anyway, but yeah! CrowStylin' for me! ;););)
              "I'm so fresh and you so not..." ~ Dvera


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                Personally I wear my Osage Suit(Straightdancer). My wife is Apache(Lipan)/Aztec. Our daughters wear Buckskin, Osage dress and our youngest was given a jingle dress. Our grand-daughters wear Osage dresses now. I also had some Cherokee dresses made for our girls but they out grew them and didn't want anymore.


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                  I use to all the time and sometimes still do dance in a tear dress,(depends on occasion)
                  but fancystar made me some shirt and skirt sets to comp in.
                  Well will wonders never cease.....


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                    I wear traditional Pawnee clothes 85% of the time (plain ribbon skirts and plain/print ribbon shirts and mocs w/no leggings)... (i still have most of the pieces of my very first set of pawnee clothes too from when i was a baby! :)

                    BUT, on occasion- I also wear Comanche dresses (but i havent been able to get my leggings done for that set, so I havent danced that way in a long while) as well as Northern Cheyenne cloth dresses- and also getting my southern Cheyenne stuff together.

                    And last but not least, My Mum & my brothers and I are all adopted Ponca (Clarabelle Roughface was my adopted grandma), so mum and I were given the right to wear Ponca dresses, which I wear off & on! :)

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                      I think Vicki Standingdeer is Tops. :Angel2


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                        I was given permission to wear the Kiowa T-Dress, but also wear my Chickasaw Stomp Dress.


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                          I think if folks wore their own tribal clothes there would be alot more Navajo skirts dancing around at powwows. I've got nothing against adopting and dressing loved ones, but it's nice to see how many different tribes there are at powwows.


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                            Originally posted by chocolate chips
                            I think if folks wore their own tribal clothes there would be alot more Navajo skirts dancing around at powwows. I've got nothing against adopting and dressing loved ones, but it's nice to see how many different tribes there are at powwows.
                            Well, thank goodness they are wearing SOMETHING otherwise there would be a bunch of nekkid ndns dancing around. That would be unsightly.:Eyepopper :JawDrop


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                              I dance Cloth dance, and wear a cloth dress. It's not a tear dress, as I have a problem with some of the history behind that particular style, but I wear a traditional cloth dress, in the color of my clan. Blue

                              Some of the people insist that the tear dress refers to the tears shed, but the truth is that it came to be after the Civil War, and refers to tear, as in rip the material, which is what they did, to get it in the strips sewn. When someone tells me, I HAVE to wear the UNIFORM, ummm sorry, it wasn't for the ancestors, and it won't be for me. If others chose to wear it, that is up to them, with no complaints, just my feelings!
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