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Whoz your favorite cloth dancer????

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  • Whoz your favorite cloth dancer????

    I personally like
    Judy Gibson
    Vicki Standingdeer
    Lenora Prenup

    And I have heard that Sharon Harris
    and Becky Goins are really good.

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    No particular order - good dancers

    Erin Plumley Bemo (prejudice showing-LOL)
    Andrea Kiheaga (teen girls)
    Ada Littlecreek
    Sandy Tate
    Kim Kirk
    Renee Alexander

    Lots of favorites--lots of old style dancing!


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      Lena Nells
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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        I like old school too;

        Nellie Yarholar
        Renee Alexandar
        Erin Plumly
        Delilah Arkeketa Moses
        Lori Murray Franklin
        Tracy Clark Pewo

        Janet Saupitty
        Yvonne Sadongei
        Michelle Rice

        There are alot of teens coming up that are really good. I like old school the best, but there are some pretty smooth contemp ladies out there, too.


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          From a man point of view, I whole hardy agree with luvstraightdancrs and state. Erin Plumley Bemo and Sandy Tate are my all time traditional (dressed), favorite smooth dancers.

          Like State said htere is some awsome ones coming up.

          thats my 2 quarters !
          this is all i have to say


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            Michelle Rice is Ojibwe or something like that right? If so I know who she is and she is AWESOME!
            ~NATIVE PRIDE~


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              Ayita 16--Michelle Rice is Pawnee for sure and I think part Sac and Fox (don't quote me on the Sac and Fox). I do know Pawnee for sure. Girl has some pretty beadwork!

              STATE - I forgot Delilah Moses--dang am I bad or what. She's awesome in her buckskin too!


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                "well some of you forgot the mcclellan's the originals , they have their own style if some of you don't they are tammy, alicia, those are the big sisters and the up and coming lil sisters are roberta and lucie and my aunties delilah moses and nellie yarholar they all come from the same family otoe side. so i lulu to dat!:)


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                  the McClellan girls are good dancers (grew up watching them)
                  Sandy Tate
                  Nellie Yarholar
                  Delilah Moses
                  Shayne Hughes (she's buckskin now)
                  :Heart"If you love something, let it go; if it comes back to you it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was!!!! *DMX* :Heart

                  :stooges: If you don't stand for something; you'll fall for anything! :stooges:


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                    Well, Shayne moved out here to AZ i think llast year? Well, she used to dance cloth??? HUmm, but i LLLUUUVVV her beadwork, i gots to give mad props to that. So when did she start dancin' in the buckskin category?? Just wantin' to know. SHe's is just tearing it up over here, getting 1st place all the time, Good Job Shayne keep up the good work!
                    SOUTHERN STYOZ


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                      I give my shout outs (SCREAMS) to....MY :Angel2 :Angel2 TWINS.....

                      they dance together side by side on all the songs.... holeeeay!! Especially when they dance round dance...... (drop on floor.I've fainted)
                      i don't know there names YET!! But when I found out i will come back and edit!!

                      ...They dance so dang purdy...hypnotic....:p :p :p

                      my hearts going pitter..patter..pitter..patter.....
                      Last edited by luvs2rodeo; 11-24-2002, 03:25 AM.
                      Never squat naked in spurs


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                        I have to agree with pink mocs... The mcclellans are at the top of my list!
                        Alicia and Tammy both, but besides Berta and Lucy being good too, there is another mcclellan girl you cant forget, Robin, shes just now entering teens but shes got it! That mcclellan grace and style! Shes a goot one!

                        Delilah Moses, is really good too!
                        im told thats how my grandmother use to dance! i never got to see her dance so i really enjoy watching Delilah, her daughter puts me in a run for my $$$ too, that whole family is good!

                        Erin Bemo is one of my favorites too! Very good and her mom makes some kick @$$ dresses!:)
                        ...~>>>so i'll become your only dancer<<<~...


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                          my favorites...

                          Sandy Tate
                          Emerald Keen

                          that's all I can think of right now...


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                            Keenjingler - thanks for the compliment! :D


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                              Sunny Rose & Ceder Rain :Chatter lulululululululu


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