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  • dipping

    when you compete how low do you dip or bend your knees?
    do you think that the lower you get the more points yu'll get?
    i think that if i bend lower maybe my fringe will swing more whatdya think?

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    oh, what a relief - I thought this thread was going to be about women spitting tobacco while they're dancing...
    - zeph


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      zeph rofl

      okay to the subject.
      I always keep my knees slightly bent. B/c otherwise my fringe don't sway like i want it. Yes when you bend more the fringe goes more.
      Also I wear osage clothes and the belt in the back is supposed to sway from side to side. I have noticed that most osage girls do a bowlegged side to side step while they dance. I think it is b/c they are concentrating on their belt. I have found that if i keep my back straight and bend futher than nomal it sways better. Plus you don't look like you just stepped off a horse. It works for me.
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