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    I am wanting to find out more information on cloth dancing. Is a cloth dress the same as a ribbon dress? I am in the northern region of the us, but so far my research is showing that my bloodline is southern cherokee. can anyone help me? Also I would like to see some pics of little boys Ribbon shirts. I have a 5 and 3 year old boys that want to start dancing. So I thought I would make them some ribbon shirts until they decide what style they would like to persue. Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks for your help.:)

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    Cherokee women wear a "tear dress" traditionally. There are a lot of websites connected to the Cherokee. You might want to check there. Not sure what you are calling a "ribbon dress"? Can you describe it better.

    As far as boys ribbon shirts -- Missouri River makes a pattern for men and boys. You can usually get them at pow-wows or order from Crazy Crow (

    With regards to your children dancing - make sure that their entry into the arena is handled in a proper fashion -- please don't just throw them out there without taking care of it and making sure that they have some sort of knowledge about what they are doing.


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      Thanks for the suggestions. The ribbon dress I believe maybe the same thing as a cloth dress. I will look into the website you suggestions and maybe find my answer. As far as the boys', how do you mean enter them into the ring properly? The oldest one has danced before in street clothes and does well with stepping to the beat. We have had no mentors in our family to teach us these things, I am learning/teaching as I go. So any help is greatly appreciated! I was not "enetered" into the ring, I just began dancing after I had my outfit and for a few years before in street clothes at the appropriate times. Again thanks!


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        As far as the boys', how do you mean enter them into the ring properly?
        Lighthouselvr--Around Oklahoma, and elsewhere I am sure, entering the dance arena is a major event. We usually have an elder take the children into the arena and pay their way. This makes it okay for them to be there, and pays respect . We even do this with children that are not in regalia. When they are dressed at a later age, when they understand the whole concept and traditions involved, their way is paid again, this time for the right to wear the clothes and participate.

        If you are serious about this, you should find someone to talk to before getting out there. There are a lot of traditions, beliefs and ways that need to be learned. Personally, have seen too many children just "out there" and they don't have a clue as to why, it's just seems like a cool thing to do. They end up in dancers paths and behaving all sorts of ways.


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          You might want to check out the photos in the gallerie. They are usually catagorized, and if I remember properly, somone posted some VERY nice tear dresses that a relative had made. What luvstraightdncers says is most typically true about starting your children out in the arena. They need to understand why they are out there, and that they need to show respect, whether in regalia or not. (not somthing a lot of 3 year olds know about yet)
          Best wishes on your quest to find more information regarding the clothes you wish to make.


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            Is she maybe talking about a T dress?... Does it look like a buckskin dress cut but made of calico without the fringe?
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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