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  • advice on new beadwork

    im doing all new beadwork for my cloth outfit (in gallery me in cloth ) i want new hair ties a large back barette new purse new mocs w/beads and prob a large necklace and or choker

    so ..... here's the question:
    how big should i make the hairties and barette?
    I dont want to fall over or loose them ( like my last hairties [luckily found, but missed grand entry:(])

    and how do i get the beadwork so that it will work with other outfits? im goin skin next and i want to have some work so that ill have less to do at the beginning (ya know pattern and color wise)

    ok nething ya got would help wa do!!

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    I am not sure if there is a standard size for hairties and barrettes, but if your hair is on the thinner side, just use a smaller barrette in side, one that will stay in your hair. I have seen some pretty huge back barrettes out in OK. If you want to be able to use beadwork with several outfits, picking colors that you would want to use with all of them would seem like a good start. Maybe geometric type patterns, vs others?


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      if you use basic colours (blues, yellows, reds, greens, oranges, black), and then you can wear just about any color cloth dress with it... if you use too much pink or purple, you are only going to be able to match a smaller amount of colours for your dresses...

      my old stuff has dark blue as the border color, light blue/turquoise as the background so that i can wear lots of blues and yellows and reds- those have been my standard colours since i was a lil girl- but my new-ish stuff, has black & crystal-light-blue colour border and white background, so that i can wear some of my old dresses with it. but the main part of the design is in cheyenne-pink, so not all my old gear matches...

      i think if you stick along the basics, it all works out...

      as for size of hair-ties- i agree with catsmeow- go with your hair type... i know the hair-tie also depends on the size of your design, but if you've got thin hair, smaller is better- wont weigh your hair (and head) down as much... and the thin hair wont look so "noticeable"- if you have skinny braids, you dont want GIANT hairties, the size would attract attention to your hair... (i think ya know what i mean.... well- i hope ya know what i mean... lol)

      i got thickish hair, so my hair-ties are kinda mediumish-large (and have glass beads on the end), but only because of the way the design worked out... BUT because my hair is thick, they are not so heavy to me even with the glass beads...

      in the end, it all comes down to how you work your design around the size...

      hope i havent confused you and hope i helped a little!


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