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  • how did you choose?

    since it's been brought up here
    how or why are dressed the way you do?
    t-dress w/ tabs

    shirt/ skirt
    tear dress
    elk teeth,
    cowery shells
    applique and design?

    and family colors or colors you like?

    let's see i have my tear dresses but slowly moving into shirt and skirts(my seamstress advises me)
    no specific designs, not taken from anyone else!
    i like the main colors, reds blacks, have a teal color, brown. not family orginated colors.
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    i was brought into the arena the Otoe way. I wear the shirt and skirt w/ribbonwork.

    I was told that a I shouldn't wear red so other than that leaves plenty of options available as far as color choices. Right now all my stuff is green.

    I'm trying to decide on a new color to go with, but still thinkin...
    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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      My stuff is green ribbon work are mostly purple and's all plain...but nice...Otoe way too
      ~*~OTOE GURL~*~


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        okay some help here

        what would an Otoe dress look like? not sure if I've seen one or not.
        Well will wonders never cease.....


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          just ribbonwork skirt and top. Some ladies wear the camp dress. its a matching top and skirt with some small ribbon on the skirt and top and usually a flower print of some sort.

          also the mocs are low cut w/no flaps. just floral style beadwork that goes around the moc.

          traditionally they don't wear a crown or breastplate. But they wear scarves and the feather is usually in the middle standing straight up. Our feathers aren't supposed to point down...
          The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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            ribbon dress

            Question is, have you been given the right to wear a dress other than that of your own tribe?

            I know an Otoe dress is a tribal dress which is not given lightly to just anyone. Otoe women don't give or dress just anyone in their tribal regalia. That pretty much covers most tribes in Oklahoma. Most of them have to think alot of a person before they dress them and enter them into the sacred circle.

            I have seen alot of people dress in other tribes regalia just because it looks nice or that they want to dance that style.

            But, that's just a man's point of view.
            this is all i have to say


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              yeah Pawtoeman. Thats so true!
              The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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                Cloth dress

                Hey you old geezer. Couldn't have been put any gooder, ennit?


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                  I have a question

                  Anitsi -

                  let's see i have my tear dresses but slowly moving into shirt and skirts(my seamstress advises me)

                  Why sould you go with the advise of your seamstress? Does she have the right to give away southern cloth of any tribe? Why not just follow your ways?

                  Like Pawtoeman says - Otoes and most Oklahoma tribes don't take this lightly. I sew for many dancers and would not even consider recommending that they dance in another tribes style of regalia. I don't have the right to give it away, so I wouldn't suggest that they dress in this manner.


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