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Cree Ladies Wearing Cloth T Dress

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  • Cree Ladies Wearing Cloth T Dress

    Forgive my ignorance in advance:p I would like to know if Cree Ladies wear T dresses on the powwow cicrcut. I have no one to ask about my hertiage as my family does not follow that path:( Are they worn without fringe on the arm? Silly question I know, mean the long arm fringe. I did once have an older set of regalia that was all done in cloth, including long arm fringe to the floor. That was some time ago.
    Any and all info would be appreciated:D

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    Well don't know a whole lot either, but I made my friend Sheila a sort of T dress style dress. She is Cree from the White Bear First Nations. She used to dance Jingle but is going to start dancing Traditional this year. Her dress has fringes almost to the floor from the sleeves and some more long fringes on the back. This pattern isn't ribbonwork, the fabric was printed that way. Sheilia loves it and I was very happy to make it for her. We need to make her a shawl and a whole lot of beadwork now :)

    here is a pic~

    I removed the pic after reading this thread~

    The dress I made was made with love and respect for a special friend who wants to dance Tradional.
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      Very nice dress! Hmmm I wonder... is that a way to start out, a cloth dress ( done in bucskin style) if you are short on funds, etc... or prefer one material or the other.. I guess it all depends on personal preference, but then again, what do I know?


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