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thoughts on newbies? and help?

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  • thoughts on newbies? and help?

    I've only been able to attend and dance at powwows for the past couple years (lots of family reasons-- e-mail me privately if you want details); my travel and clothing budget is less than nonexistent....

    My first question is, what do you think of people not raised with powwows starting out as adults? And if they have very simple regalia? my stuff is very basic as i accumulate one nice piece at a time to add to it (no family history of dancing to build outfit:( )

    Number two is what would you suggest to someone wanting to increase their learning curve? I have basic regalia in my personal colors and in the style of my tribe (Cherokee) and I have no intention on contesting anytime soon; i just want to dance and learn. Right now I only dance in Grand Entry and intertribals where I see other Cloth dancers-- i learned the basics at my university N.A. group meeting (and lots of watching others!)... any suggestions on improving my style (i'm a touch shy)? I wouldn't mind contesting at some point in the future, but my ultimate goal is to dance well enough and be informed enough to teach and encourage my future offspring.
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    Just dance your heart out and enjoy! That's what pow-wows are for. :p


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      You will do fine. Take it nice and easy. Look, absorb, think about it for awhile. Then approach people. Look for the older people that sit in the back and observe. They are usually the knowledgable ones.


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        go 4 it!

        im the frist person in our family to ever attempt dancin--- they go to the pws but just like to look not partake.
        the only experience i had was itertribals and a lot of practicin at home in front of a mirror to get my style right then i got out there i was scared at first but then it was very comfortable and i hated to hear the song end!

        i competed at my 3d powwow, of course i didnt plan on winning but the sooner i get over being nervous the better- by the way im 16 so that's kinda old compared to some

        anyway have fun and dont worry about how fancy ur outfit is - and you should never finish it just add on 4ever!!
        best of luck and dance hard

        where are you from if nc then imight see u around!


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          I found out I was adopted when I was 37. I found my birth mother two yrs. later and was I shocked to find out she was Lakota! She had me and my family go "home" to Pine Ridge for ceremony and to introduce me into the arena. I was 39! I started out in a VERY simple black cloth dress, not knowing what in the world I was doing, except that my mother was insistent. That was in 1989.
          Now I know our family history and culture and have made it my own. I have 3 cloth dresses and (hopefully) someday will have a buckskin. My grandchildren dance and my mother gets beautiful "hand me downs" from her friends and our family. I also got two beautiful jingle dresses right here from Powwows trading store!
          Like someone mentioned in one post I saw to your heart out!!
          Dance and be proud!
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            This will be my third year of Dancing, I still only dance during Grand Entry, and Intertribals, that is all that I will dance. I don't have alot of regalia, but each year I add to it. My dress could not be more simple, simply a skirt with a matching blouse. I did not even start going to Pow Wows, until 9 years ago, when someone laughed at me, because from a child, I was always taught you had to be specially invited to GO to a Pow Wow!!! That person realized how hurt I was to be laughed at and promptly made a big deal of cordially inviting me to go to my very first Pow Wow!

            Then after many years of watching, and being asked by several different elders when I was going to get out and dance, I again stuck foot in mouth, and said oh I've never been invited or introduced ...... I was then told, that if I did NOT get my tail out there and dance the next Pow Wow I would then be dragged, by three different Elder Ladies!!! The next Pow Wow, I was prepared and wore a dress, my 20+ yr old mocs, and was escorted out into the ring during Grand Entry!! (very small Pow Wow) After I danced a couple Intertribal, I went and bought some peaches some Boy Scouts were selling, and gave them to the Drum.

            That is how I got started dancing. I'll go look and see if I can find one of the pics taken of me.
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              Found one! The Humbird bag is a gift from a friend, and my fan was made in just one hour! The shawl was a Christmas gift from my husband bought at Walmart! you can see that my daughter is dressed just as simply! Someone claimed my hair is dyed, but no it is not! It reaches down to my waist, until it drys, then is shorter due to curls! My "tan" is real too, I was born dark, and sometimes wind up being even more so!
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              Your Heart Shows by how Your Words and Actions Affect Others.

              Nah I ain't NO WANNABE! I don't gotta wannabe when people wannabe like me!


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