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    Originally posted by 1stspringflower

    I have only just recently traced my Cherokee ancestry (maternal great grandfather's parents were born in Alabama) and begun to investigate Cherokee history and tradition. I am in Northern Michigan and my Teachers here are Odawa.

    It is time for me to have my first regalia, and I want to honor my Cherokee ancestors, of course. I'm looking for details about women's traditional cloth regalia, including the folding of the shawl, traditional beading or decoration, hair and feather arrangements and belts, bags, pouches. Pretty much everything.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!


    Hey, who are your Odawa teachers? My father is Odawa. Most Cherokee's I know, threw my husband, just dance in either a Cherokee Tear Dress, or Southern Cloth.

    However I like what someone said above about going back a little bit with the blouse and stuff. I would like to see that come about wide spread with Cherokee people. I am actually working on his Bag, mocs and stuff. I just finished his robe/jacket now. More to come, I've got to put the pics up of the tear dress, his turban, gorget, and stuff....


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      Hi, I am dancing and have just purchased tradition EasteCherokee Regalia from Runnuing Bears Den in Cherokee North Carolina. I have told them my heritage simply comes from the stories told me from my Great Aunt but that I would like to honor those stories when I dance. Their workmanship is excellent and if you come to them with respect they will tell you truth and I feel you would be very happy with the dress. I think their price is around 150 dollars...I say this as many "boast " of heritage. Not of course saying you do, just passing an observance. Blessings


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