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Cherokee regalia questions

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  • Okwataga
    it'll all depend on which nation you are from?
    as now the eastern have a newer style - old syle wear from 1700's(no beadwork)
    and the western have the tear dress

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  • 1stspringflower
    started a topic Cherokee regalia questions

    Cherokee regalia questions


    I have only just recently traced my Cherokee ancestry (maternal great grandfather's parents were born in Alabama) and begun to investigate Cherokee history and tradition. I am in Northern Michigan and my Teachers here are Odawa.

    It is time for me to have my first regalia, and I want to honor my Cherokee ancestors, of course. I'm looking for details about women's traditional cloth regalia, including the folding of the shawl, traditional beading or decoration, hair and feather arrangements and belts, bags, pouches. Pretty much everything.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!


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