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Favorite Type of Women's Cloth Dancing

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  • Favorite Type of Women's Cloth Dancing

    It doesn't have to be just northern & southern!! I'm saying do you like smoke, southern cloth, walk around, applique, stationary or even eastern blanket and whatever else there is out there... I would have made it into a poll but I cant figure it out at all! So, What's your fave??? And would you say that traditional dancers are the friendliest dancers out there??? And any other input you have on women's cloth dancing. I'm still doing my school paper and I know people on here would give me there honest opinions. This is a survey for Native American Studies class. So... Your input would very helpful & very much appreciated!! & no your real names for obvious reasons will not be used! Thank you so very much....
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    It's hard to pick just one style. I like them all. Can't say whether traditional dancer are the friendliest dancers out there. I think all the categories have their friendly people. However, I do enjoy watching the Crow ladies dance.
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      I'm going to say that smoke dancing is the most fun to watch. Those women are so fast and agile, that its really amazing!


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        I like Crow dancers too! And stationary northern dancers.
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          how dare you ask me such an obvious question!!

          JUSS PLAYIN!!~~lol... i love Iroquois dancers!!! yeah baby!! i love watching and i love dancing.... but not only just smoke dancing, but stick, fish, robin, shake the bush, ladies, duck.. i love it all.... and then next would be the applique ladies... dang them girls have some stamina!! i really like their regalias and im always confused about where they come from... i've seen some enter in southern (i would think due to cloth??) and i've seen some enter in northern (im thinkin this is their origin??) but none the less i can really appreciate their style and most of all their strength....
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            Originally posted by that_1_native
            ...would you say that traditional dancers are the friendliest dancers out there??? ...


            In my honest opinion, I would say,

            "Traditional dancers are the friendliest dancers out there!" In the same breath, I would also say, "Traditional dancers are NOT the friendliest dancers out there!"


            (Look up the words "Stereotypes" and "Generalizations.")
            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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