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Question: Types of Osage cloth

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  • Question: Types of Osage cloth

    In reguard to the Osage, I was told that for the skirt part in southern cloth we can use broad cloth for the skirt. What other materials do we use for the skirt? What type of material to use for the shirt?

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    Osage women wear only broadcloth skirts. The decoration on the skirt can either be ribbon work, embroidery or beadwork. I have one with ribbon work, embroidery and a four way that isn't decorated. The shirts can be any kind of material. Osage women are known for their beautiful shirts so represent....Most of my shirts are satin. I do have a couple lace ones.
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      amarie49 has some NICE shirts!!!
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        Thank you for helping me out with this. Where is the best place to buy broadcloth I'm on a budget?


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          Originally posted by superndngyrl View Post
          amarie49 has some NICE shirts!!!
          Thanks.... You know everyone around here has gotta wear the finest. However, I'm concerned with osage_jingle's question. Broadcloth and budget usually do not belong in the same sentence. It is SO expensive. I buy mine from the local places around here and it ranges from $65-80 a yard. Depending on your size, It takes about a good 2 yards for a skirt because of the way it is wrapped and folded. I'm not sure where broadcloth is available where you're located. Do you shop online?
          We will be known forever by the tracks we leave..Dakota leader.


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            i've never shopped for broadcloth. I've seen some really good prices at crazy crow by the yard but I guess I have to shop around for the cheapest price because I just realized how expensive it is. Do you know of any places that I can shop online other than crazy crow that way I can compare?


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              You should try American Broadcloth, I *think* but if that doesn't work, google it. Their broadcloth is about $65 a yard or so. You can call to see what colors they have in stock compared to the website, but when I called a few weeks ago, they had all the colors in stock.


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                I have a problem here. I see so many different types of broadcloth, does it have to be a certain kind? I see 3 Band Broad Cloth that is 85% wool 60" wide for 35.50/yd., rainbow selvedge broadcloth 100% wool 60" wide for 64.00 yard,
                rainbow selvedge broadcloth with 60%wool for 49.00 yard.
                There is so many different types of broadcloth it's kind of confusing.

                Wool also makes my skin itch so anything that will help it?


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