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  • mother's day

    Is this a special day/ weekend(pow wow) for you?why?

    Mine is three times as great, i met my husband(didn't know it at the time) at mother's day in canton, my son was born on mother's day and it's a good pow wow to go to every year.
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    I was born on mothers day, so it is very special to me and my mom, (but the present thing I get jipped on LOL).:Chatter :Yell
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      Special to me because I am a mom and a grand mom :2:and am getting to go sing at a powwow... (shup kidz.. :taunting: )

      Before my mom died we weren't on good terms and the mother's day that year I was at a powwow and they called for a dance to honor mother's.... I would not dance until someone told me "you need to go out there and dance for yourself... you are a mother.. dance for all mothers... " and he reminded me how a woman puts her life on the line to bring forth that life. So now that is what I think of when there is an honoring dance.

      Also, I have been able to come to some terms about mine and my mom's relationship.... she may not have done the best that she knew how to do... but she did what she knew how to do at the time.
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        i'm taking my mom w/me to a powwow for memorial day. she'll prob be at the casino all weekend while i go and sweat it out dancing. :)
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        The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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          Mothers day

          This is a great day for me & my family we are all very close, my Mother & I are best friends, & my boys are also my friends. I took my Mom to the Mothers day Powow in Canton 6 years ago & that's where I met my Best friend.

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            Just lost my mom last month, so am staying at home with my son and having a quiet day. Looking at old photos and having lots of memories.


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