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    What's your opinion on belt drops? Only one size conchos from belt to floor?
    I have an idea for a belt drop that gradually become smaller to a tip that drags.

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    mine kinda does that and running down each side I have the small silver spots.
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      I think it looks nice to have the graduated drop. Otherwise, it looks like you are wearing an extra belt. My drop has two upholstery tassels at the tip instead of the metal tip thingy. I saw an old photo of a Lakota lady using tassels so that's where I got the idea from.


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        Most of the women around here have the graduated metal, and have the metal clip on the bottom. I dont know, I just like this look alot. I however, have a black drop that has metal pieces arranged in round flowers, all the way down. I just liked it, so I've been using it this year (was a regulat belt at KMart, only 3 bucks on clearance) and I've gotten alot of compliments about it. One of my cousins used some kind of chemical on her metal pieces that turned it a very rosy coppery color, which is just gorgeous. I haven't been able to ask her what it is that she used, but I"M GONNA!!! I'll pass on the knowledge when I find out!
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          REally? I like the idea of a rosy copper color. Please do pass on the info....
          Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.
          -Black Elk


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            I've seen a lot of southern ladies have beaded belt drops. Thats an option as well.
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              Originally posted by superndngyrl View Post
              I've seen a lot of southern ladies have beaded belt drops. Thats an option as well.
              yup my belt drop is beaded.
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                Originally posted by Emmy View Post
                yup my belt drop is beaded.
                These are sooo purdy! do you bead it then put it on? or bead to the drop?
                I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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                  I have a beaded drop as well. It's one big piece and it has buckskin at the top that goes through my belt--that way I don't have to take it off and on.


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                    I've seen so many beautiful beaded belt drops and the graduated conch ones as well.

                    I have often wondered, what is the significance of the piece?
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