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  • help with a shawl

    I am thinking of making a shawl for my cloth dress but not sure what to get my dress is pink and blue tiny flowers someone told me it was a pasely pattern with blue ribbon. another question is to I put the fringed on all 4 sides? any input please

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    I am of the old school. Fringe all around. I might suggest a dark blue shawl with white fringe. Sounds dull but it would be a good serviceable shawl even if you changes colors. Good Luck.


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      if you're a new dancer i think a fully fringed shawl would be great!
      but you do have the option of goin for a cheater shawl. its lighter weight, easier to make, great if you're in a hurry to get out and dance, but at the same time i think its a little harder to dance with unless you really know how to handle it.

      but how you make it is just measure the width of your arm elbow to wrist. make your shawl that width by cutting two pieces of fabric that width (however long you think works for you depending on fringe and so on) i like two contrasting colors like blue oneside white other. then lay your fringe out on a piece of tape. pin the two pieces of fabric right sides together with the fringe between the two ends make sure when you pin it down that you cant see the fringe or else you'll have a shawl with no fringe but a big bulk. and just sew the four edges. of coursse leave space to turn it right side out. cutting the fringe and all shouldnt take but like an hour hourand a half at most.
      -- have fun but, i seriously would go with a full shawl b4 cheater. besides then yould have sumthin to wrap around your shoulders during intertribal when you're not in regalia. just thought i'd let you know bout cheaters though.


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