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Girls southern cloth 4 sale - aftermath

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  • Girls southern cloth 4 sale - aftermath

    ok im dissapointed that the thread was closed so i'm opening this one.

    also i think that was like the most active cloth thread i have seen!

    whome: i think that you have no right to tell natives that they aren't native just because they don't get your dry, inappropriate sarcasm. could it be that you are so insecure about your own nativity that you must attack others?

    stop hatin ya'll! like i said b4 each person will make their own decision no matter what you say.

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    You tell 'em girl!

    And yeah, I'm really "NDN" and yes, I'm an "academic." If anyone has a problem with that, I really don't care. I'm not ashamed of being either. It's a sad day when a Native girl gets publically slammed for actually wanting to be an educated individual.

    I'm an sophomore on leave-of-absence from Stanford University, and yeah, it's a pretty mainstreamed-out institution, but I'm also a person who has participated in my Native community as far back as I can recall. In fact, I think that's half the reason I got admitted to Stanford in the first place... they liked my essays regarding the importance I place in being a Native American. I feel a bit irritated for being labelled a potential "white" girl just because I don't talk the slang or whatever. For the past 14 years (ever since I started elementary school in Anadarko), I had to deal with people calling me a wanna-be-white-girl and wonderful things like that, even though participating in my Kiowa traditions was a more important part of my life than most of the Indian kids my age, who seemed to think being Indian meant "talking big" and being negative rather than actually trying to actually participate in cultural events and ruled out live in even with remotely positive, progressive, open-mind.

    Anyway, back to the point, (because I got way off... I'm sorry... I just thought that maybe I had to clarify that I wasn't just some Euro-Am wannabe anthropology major, in case anyone thought I was off that way) YAY to Fancystar for making a sale. I still say more power to ya. ;)



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      Yes we all agree this discussion livened up the cloth thread, didn't it?

      Well, the moderator closed the thread.

      Are you both just wanting to argue?

      Closed means closed.

      Lumbee Turtle and Miss_Kiowa:

      Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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        I like a good debate. It's good for sharpening up the rhetorical skills, so yeah, I guess I do want to argue in a way. That and I wanted to try to get across that I am NDN, American Indian, a Skin, Indigenous, or whatever term floats the reader's boat.

        Obviously you want to argue if you continue to post, even after you state "closed means closed." So if you want, continue to fire at me, whatevs. I keep my blood pressure down by not going crazy/mad/outofmymind when I state my premises and conclusions, so it's fine with me.


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          Miss_Kiowa you and I have a lot in common I think. Academics are very important in my life. Of course they should be if I want to make something of myself and not become just another statstic. Anyways I do not think that selling a dress just to make money is right, especially if it's not even your tribes. But who cares just as that dressed was sold, so will others.

          And whome you should probably get someone to remove the stick you have firmly lodge between your cheeks, and stop being so condescending and insulting!!


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            Lumbee... you sound like a rational person. I'd be willing to listen to your views if you felt you disagreed with mine.



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              I closed the thread and I am closing this one. The subject was talked about and opinions were made known. Nothing is going to be accomplished to further this.

              Now.. go on and discuss other things. Anyone else starting a thread about this subject will have it deleted. End of discussion.
              "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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