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Hey did everyone see this photo.

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  • Hey did everyone see this photo.

    Now that is some purdee ribbon work. It was under the 'Historical' section on here. Hey check out this page the Native American icons under CULTURE. They are free to download. They have different tribes.

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    That is part of my daughter and son's tribe. Otoe-Missouria. Beautiful craftsmanship. Probably a family design.


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        LOL, don't even go there. That's a taboo topic, kind of the like the deficit. ha ha


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          Is very pretty!:)
          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            im sure some googlebrain will come out with a replica and say i saw it in a dream that aint kewl.
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              You know what's amazing...with all the materials that are available to us, in general (very much in general) it seems that overall our ability/knowledge of crafts, such as ribbonwork, are deteriorating, instead of improving. This pic just goes to support that statement "They don't make 'em like they used to." What ever happened to this quality. Too many people seem to go with what they know instead of learning I realize that there is a ton of beautiful ribbonwork out there, but you know I'm just saying...I'm not sure what I'm saying, just kind of rambling, stating the obvious at this point, okay, I'll shut up now :p
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                Can you amagin the time it took to make one of these skirts without wonderunder? True craftsmanship:p


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                  Olde ribbon work

                  The most amazing thing about the ribbon work in that b&w photo is it was probably all hand stitched. The same can be made today just as it was back then with out wonder under and the zigzag stitch of a sewing machine. The finest highly coveted men's straight suit ribbon work is still made cut and fold style not applique with wonder under. I learned how to and made my own and have a few others on the way.

                  As far as todays quality goes look at the fancy shawl dancers on the Gathering of Nations web site, phots section 2003. You can't tell me there haven't been improvements granted it's mostly applique fabric/thread work (not actual ribbon work) but the possibilities are endless.
                  One thing at a time...


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                    Man, I would KILL to learn how to do ribbonwork like that!
                    It just looks waaayy better than the cloth and fabric paint applique stuff that I see so much of. Does any one know where
                    I can learn it?
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