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  • wool broadcloth question

    I am switching from buckskin to cloth and making a dentalium shell dress. So my question to all those who wear the wool is do you recomend lining the wool with a thin light weight cotton, or leaving it as is? My biggest concern is that I live in Ontario and although not as hot up here it gets REALLY humid and muggy.

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    Personally i would line with a muslin, but skin gets irritated easily


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      Any type of thin cotton material would suffice, but instead of lining completely I would just make a "cotton slip" to wear underneath, this would allow better air flow and would also allow for absorption thus keeping your body cooler, not to mention just throwing the underslip in the wash as needed.


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        At one time I had a tradecloth dress with coins on the yoke. I only lined the inside of the yoke. But yes, defiinitely use something whether you attach it or wear it separate like an under-dress or even a t-shirt. I think a permanent lining will also help protect the stitching of your shells.


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          Thank you all, I like the slip idea cause then I can make more then one (for each day of the weekend) and just throw them in the wash at home.


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            So another question and an update:

            I finished my dress this year, but I also put on doesn't fit anymore. I have hung it up in a dress bag for when I lose the weight.

            So I made a new dress. Didn't have time to sew on all those shells again (should have made a cape) so I decorated with ribbon and thimbles. Tomorrow is the first day I will wear the dress at our local powwow and I was wondering is it much hotter then wearing a buckskin dress? If it is I figure I'll just sweat off the extra pounds and fit the other dress.



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              maybe add some gussets

              Was your shell dress sewn with gussets at the skirt seams? If not, you could add these to the extra width you need. Depends on how much weight you have gained though, as this does not help increase the bodice portion of the dress. If you already have gussets, then you might consider widing them. Just a thought...

              Definitely wear 100% cotton under your dress, it will make the wool less itchy and will absorb the sweat, keeping it off your wool.

              For the really blazing hot days, you might want to wear a calico camp dress instead.


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                maybe add some gussets

                Does your shell dress have gussets (triangular inserts) at the skirt seams? If not, you could add those to the needed width. If you do have them, you might widen them by an inch or two. The gussets will do nothing for expanding the bodice portion of the dress, however.

                A new dress is a great incentive to lose a few extra pounds! Good luck!


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