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Who won at Tahlequah and Ponca

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  • Who won at Tahlequah and Ponca

    So, who won at the other Oklahoma labor day pow wows? Let me know since I am just sitting at home wishing I was at a pow wow somewhere!!!LOL

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    all i know is that ponca had to move to the culture center because of rain, so it was packed like a can of luncheon meat


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      Not sure either. We were there for the Gourd dancing Satruday night, but it started raining. They delayed the powwow. So a lot of people left. :(
      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        sup GOOSE? its a little late, but just in case you still didnt find out the winners at Ponca Powwow. Here is a partial listing

        womens cloth1-Hauli Warrior
        2-Delilah Moses
        3-Alicia McClellan
        4-Michele Rice
        buckskin 1-Rebecca Brady
        2-Tesa Roubedeaux
        3-Ronetta Rice
        fancy/jingle 1-Bonnie Tomasah
        mens trad/grass1-Gary Tomasah
        2-Gabe Cleveland
        3-BJ Haury
        4-Shannon Leroy
        Mens straight 1-Charlie Steeprock
        2-Justin Yearby
        4-Berwin Moses
        Mens fancy 1-George Alexander
        2-Dwight WhiteBuffalo
        3-Courtney Yarholar
        4-Michael Roberts

        again,,the dance was rained out, so it was in a building the size of a small gym. lots of goood dancers showed up, since all you had to do is register the night of your contest, especially on sunday night. too bad mens trad/grass are combined. alot of good dancers didnt win,,,but made the finals interesting to watch.
        especiallly mens fancy. Daryl Jack and Michael Roberts danced off for fourth place. Competition was tough. Instead of bullet songs for the fancy dance, they gave them songs that the dancers could show off their moves and footwork.


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