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    If anyone is interested, I have quite a number (around 200) of cow and calf elk teeth. I plan to keep a handful for a necklace for my daughter when she is old enough, but I really don't know what I would do with the rest.


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      Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post

      There's some nice pics of older Crow dresses with real teeth online. When looking for some newer style dresses I found this cool pic. Check out these guys:
      bump is what it is...


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        Here's a picture of my gggrandmother's sisters. Katie in the back is wearing an elk tooth cape. There's a better picture showing her by herself, and you can tell it's just a cape worn over her plaid dress. (Looks like plaid was in back then.)
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          Originally posted by rodond View Post
          any suggestion on making the dress how many teeth etc
          Usually its what you can afford to buy, and how many rows you need. 100 usually will cover one side, but it is whatever you afford and how far the teeth will be on the dress.


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            Originally posted by rodond View Post
            just got 3 yards of red broadcloth want to make a elk tooth dress but all the dresses i can remember were made with blue ,or do they use red too?
            The most common colors are navy and dark green with red trim at neck, sleeves and hem, but I have seen red ones with green or blue trim. Almost any color is used today. I have seen them in purple, turquoise, pink, even yellow.


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