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    Hey Guys, I was in the fancy shawl forum the other day and was reading a thread on the Most emberassing moments, so lets hear the most emberassing moment here in Southern Cloth
    To dance is to pray, To pray is to live, To live is to dance...

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    *thinking* hmmm.....hmmm.... nope cant say i have had any really embarassing moments....
    Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

    ~Flat Beat~


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      When I was in California...we was dancing our 2nd contest song and the wind was all crazy and right before the first honor beat...the wind knocked me out of step then hoppped right back in beat....yup the elemens can get real crazy with ya when ya dance southern tradish! :Angel2


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        I danced in front of a fan (it was under a tent) and the fan was real blew the buckskin fringe on my dress up!!!


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          I was at Hinckley about 3 years ago and we danced on Sunday, which we had not done the year before. I asked RG when our contest would be, because I needed to go to the bathroom. He said it would be alot later and don't worry about it because they had some stuff to do in the arena before they started contests.
          So I went to the bathroom. (outhouses, the kind with the little water wash basin in front) and just got in there when they called my contest! Talk about putting things on fast forward. I came busting out of there, turned around to wash my hands. They were getting ready to start the daughter had my shawl, purse and fan and RG was looking at me like it was all my fault that I was running as fast as I could down that little entryway. I ran in, grabbed my stuff,and the song started. That's what I call changing gears really fast. I was soooo mad. Didn't laugh about until later. Fortunately, my skirt was straight, and no embarrassment except for having to run directly from the outhouse to the pow wow arena. The things we go through!!!


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            Not wrapped too tight

            I have a bad knee and always have an ace bandage wrapped
            around it when dancing. I came apart..literally.. After the first
            push my bandage began to unravel. I just kept on dancing and the wrap kept coming apart. I was now leaving a trail of bandage behind me as I danced, getting longer and longer.. A few men made comments about my "tail"...and never seeing regalia of that sort before. If that wasn't bad enough, some of the dancers who hadn't seen the wrap began stepping on it, and it was pulling me backward. The song seemed to go on forever!! I scurried out at the song's end.. literally dragging my tail behind me!


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              I was changing in the parking lot... and my skirt fell to the ground.. lol... BEFORE I could put my shorts on underneath. AND just when it fell.. this older doot walked by. Oh my g-a-w-d... that was bad!!.. Now.. I make sure to securely tie/pin/tape :p my dresses. Don't want another flashing incident.

              :Shocked :Blush :Shocked
              ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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                I danced northern cloth a few weeks ago for this winner take all special. Northern song was all rite. 2nd song was really rough. Crooked Hat sang the second. Anyone familiar with these guys knows what I'm talking about. Enough said,,, I lost my tie breaker song. The song sounded like ten mins. long...I lost track of those down beats.:Cry


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                  Originally posted by goose
                  Fortunately, my skirt was straight, and no embarrassment except for having to run directly from the outhouse to the pow wow arena. The things we go through!!!
                  Good thing you didn't have toilet paper hanging from your mocs!


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                    Once in Florida (at Hollywood) my girls were little then. They had alot of sand in the arena and my girls kept throwing sand at each other. We all had our regalias on and my mom was throwing daggers at me with her eyes so I took my girls back to the van and I had a new skirt on and had not put the elastic in. All I had to hold it up with was a small leather belt (small meaning thin, not small meaning length ha ha)
                    I threatened to spank my girls if they didn't behave and they laughed at me (shows you how serious my threats were taken) so I pulled my belt off like I meant business and down went my skirt. They busted out laughing and the moment of seriousness was lost on all of us. Fortunately, no one was around and it was dark.
                    I did win first that weekend, maybe there were some judges that saw that scene and felt sorry for me. ha ha


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