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7-layer woolen material

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  • 7-layer woolen material

    Greetings everyone!
    I was wondering were I would be abel to locate the 7 layer woolen cloth for a great price. I have seen many places where they range from $100.00 per yard to $60.00 per yeard. Does anyone know of any other location where I can locate it any cheaper? If so just let me know. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I'm searching for some PINK material. Please let me know of any cheaper resources you may have. As of the moment I have my mind set on purchasing 10 yards for a give away!
    Thank you very much!:)
    Miss. Silly
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    are you talking about American Broadcloth? It has a seven band selvedge?
    If so, and you found it for $60 a yard, that is a great price. I get mine for $65 a yard. However, if you are wanting to buy 10 yards of pink broadcloth, you may want to contact American Broadcloth directly. 10 yards of cloth come on one bolt, and one bolt of cloth is $435 if i remember correctly. I bought a bolt of black last year. Anyways, their website is

    hope this helps.


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      Just wondering.. did you get your cloth for the give away? How'd it go?
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