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Who has the most beautiful beadwork out of all the southern ladies?

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  • Who has the most beautiful beadwork out of all the southern ladies?

    Okay, we all know that Shayne Hughes has beautiful beadwork but who else do y'all think has prettiest beadwork in southern cloth? I liked Julia Noel's blue beadwork. There are alot of pretty one's out there is all I know!

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    tonya moore has a beautiful outfit also toni tasote


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      Indeed shane has some beautiful beadwork. Marion Highfill from Texas also has some too (Awsome Pink Rose Set and beaded skirt).


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        My fav..l

        Well, indeed Shayne Hughes got the prettiest beadwork, goes good for a fyne lookin' southern dancer. Also, Toni Tstoke got a nice lookin' yellow buckskin, also Delaine Snowball got a nice new buckskin. Along side Shayne, I think Danielle Primeaux got a nice Orange beaded buckskin outfit. And Deanna Deere too!!!!:D


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          Since this is a cloth forum:
          Janet Saupitty: nice pink set
          Yvonne Honeyestewa: Did her own stuff and it's nice
          Julia Noel Painter: does her own too
          SunnyRose: I like her backdrop, it's all cuts.
          Sharon BrokeShoulder: Shayne did her stuff, it is pretty. When she gets all the accessories it will be even more awesome.
          The Kauley girls: They have excellent color combinations and their stuff has no mistakes. It's very clean looking, the designs are beautiful.
          Mia Cozad's hummingbirds are nice.


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            Southern beadwork...

            Goose: Ah-ho!!! :)


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              You should break it down into two subcatagories:

              "Traditional" VS. "Contemporary"

              or. . .

              "Hereditary hand-me-downs" VS. "Gaudy - too much - where will it go to from here? !!"

              Southern beadwork is going Northern style!


              In the beginning it was painted leather.

              Then came the shells and elks teeth.

              After that came the simple beadwork.

              Next came the new designs and rhinestone.

              What lies in store next? 4 foot beaded crowns?

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              Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                hmmmmmm what lies next... maybe platform moccs and boots.. ROFL.... :Chatter :Chatter :JawDrop
                "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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                  No matter

                  I think both traditional and contemporary are all just as beautiful!


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                    Shayne's sister , Cree wore some purple beadwork at gathering last year. I thought it was prettier than her sister's pink one. I love Sunny Rose's stuff too. Hardly anyone use's charlotts anymore. There just as flashey as tri-cuts, it's all in how you use them.


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                      Does anyone have a pic they can post of Cre-Cre's purple outfit? Was it the one she was wearing on the 2002 GON video?


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                        You need like a spy- cam to get a picture of those gurlies stuff. Very deadly floral work. They set a major trend out there. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.


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