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  • BlueDove
    I have A question about cloth dancing
    by BlueDove
    HI all Im new to this I have a question here about cloth dancing.Is Cloth dancing the outfits you wear and you dance traditional please can someone help me I have decided to wear cloth regailia not the buckskin for when I finally do the traditional dancing this is all in the first stages I havent even...
    08-26-2005, 10:27 AM
  • Mooncaller
    What are Accompanying items for a Cherokee Tear Dress
    by Mooncaller
    My mother recently made me a Cherokee Tear Dress, I would like to wear it to the Pow Wow's and my husband flute performances. I am not sure what other items should go with the dress. Here are some of my questions.
    1. Type of footwear? If it is moccasins are they short, ankle or tall? Are they...
    04-29-2008, 04:39 PM
  • cherokeehotgyrl
    Cherokee dress
    by cherokeehotgyrl
    I went to Cherokee,NC & picked up a brochure with a young lady wearing a white dress with feathers around the collar. I'm familiar with the Cherokee tear dress, but I've never seen anyone wearing this particular dress before. You can see an image of it in a video on this site: The Museum of the...
    02-26-2009, 10:50 PM
  • MariposaMorena08
    Eastern Cherokee Dress?
    by MariposaMorena08
    Please go to this website ( and take a look at the "eastern cherokee dance regalia". Has anyone ever seen this at a powwow. It's all new to me, but it looks like it would be quite hard to dance in a dress this long. The lady who is selling...
    06-29-2005, 12:24 AM
  • Rainbow
    cherokee dress.
    by Rainbow
    I want to make a cherokee dress but I see that it says it take 7 yards for s,m,l and exlarge?????

    How can that be. Please help?
    12-05-2002, 12:43 AM



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