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Which do you prefer Traditional Beaded Crowns or Newer Silver Crowns

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  • WhoMe

    I think silver crowns are only worn by princess's. They are fairly new (within the past 50 years). I think you will find a majority of your silver crowns will be found being worn by princess's in the southwest, and also southern plains to some extent.

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  • *Powwow_Princess*
    My sister once recieved a copper crown. I thought it was really cool and because copper has long been used by our people and others in our area as a sign of wealth or high rank.

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  • ogapahndn
    I prefer beaded crowns. They look nicer. However, I was taught growing up that the only cloth dancers who wore crowns were princesses. Crowns were worn by buckskin dancers. I see alot of cloth dancers wearing them now. What do you all think about this? Hmmmm...... maybe this should be discussed in a different thread.

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  • LumbeeTurtle
    Guest replied
    even though my tribe's princesses wear the silver ones, i have to say i prefer the beaded one's a whole lot more they just look better. even if parts of it arent entirely beaded

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  • Native Babygirl
    Beaded! I love the colors:Angel2

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  • Riverwoman
    Guest replied
    Beaded all the way for me:D But silver looks great on people who can wear it;)

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  • VIP4life
    I felt sorry for every Tehachpi Princess that ever had that Foldgers coffee can crown of there's. Jingle Genie used to have a lil dent on here head every time she took it off. That bad-boy was heavy too.:(

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  • notsocheese
    The last time I wore a silver crown was when I was pow-wow princess back in the mid 90's. It was pretty and all, but damn it just made my head hurt because it had combs on the side. I bled many times trying to put the damn thing on! But then the next couple of times when I was princess again, I got beaded crowns. So I prefer beaded ones.

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  • Miss_Nish
    Yeah.. beaded crowns. The silver crowns are nice but the beaded ones are nicer. I like seeing all the beautiful, creative and original designs. A lot of hard work goes into each one... ya just can't top the designs on them.

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    Hi Shug,

    Beaded crowns all the way. I"ve worn both but i prefer the beaded crowns hands down!!

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  • Which do you prefer Traditional Beaded Crowns or Newer Silver Crowns

    Beaded Crown's all the way!!!
    Those new Silver Crown's rock!
    Neither I prefer to go with out one!

    The poll is expired.

    Out of all the powwows that I have been attending over the years I now see that majority of princesses and some cloth dancers are now starting to wear Silver Crowns instead of the traditional Beaded Crowns. I mean sure silver crowns are nice and cheeper to have made but I am use to seeing those beaded crowns ever since I was little. Sure I have had the chance to wear them both but personally I prefer the Beaded Crowns over the silver.
    So I am asking everyone out there on to post their opinion on which one they prefer themselfs or which one looks the best.

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