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Broad Cloth vs Gaberdine

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  • Broad Cloth vs Gaberdine

    I know not everyone can afford broad cloth , but I think it looks sweet with Otoe style ribbon work. Phylis Whitecloud does some nice t-dresses out of the stuff too. I'm talking about the 8band stuff ,it retails for about $70 bucks a yd depending on where you buy it from. Would love to get that stuff from Santa.:p

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    I know I'm wishing for Santa to bring me some! I already have my design ready to go!


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      ....yeah that stuff is so expensive that i save the smalles scrap and do something with it.....:)


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        Im with ya ladies, maybe if we wish real hard and be very very good there will be some under the tree.

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          Hello All. I am new to I have been visiting this site for quite a while, but i just now signed up! Anyway, i finally saw a thread where i could post a reply!
          I love my broadcloth. For the past couple of years that's all i've been getting for my birthday and x-mas and such. I now have every color that they have made. I have all this material, but not a whole lot of time to make it into outfits. I'm slowly getting there though!


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            I like both. I have both. I just received orange broadcloth from my mom to make a new outfit for P.I.'s Christmas pow wow. But I like gaberdine too, because it is light and has more colors to choose from. You can put your same set of ribbonwork on different colors of gaberdine, alot cheaper than broadcloth, and look like you have a new set every season.
            Just my thoughts. haha


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              Hey all.... I talked to Dave Winer, a.k.a. Wine-o, recently about getting some broadcloth for some straight dance clothes.... anyway, he said that if you buy 3 or more yards, he can cut you a deal.... like only $60 a yard instead of $65. Not a huge discount, but any little bit helps.

              Dave's going in for foot surgery in the next few weeks, so I'm not sure how fast he'll be able to get to brand new orders, especially since his business partner passed away not too long ago. It's just Dave running the show now, but he's a good guy and has a KILLER selection of cloth.....

              I know someone's already posted this link in some other thread, but here it is again..... American Broadcloth's website:

              Dave's got some new patterns that aren't on the website, so try e-mailing him through the site and I think they can send you a sample card or better pics of some of their stuff.....
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                I want some

                I want some for an elk-tooth dress. Now if you all pm my hubby and say that all Wall flower needs is 3yds I'll be peachy keen.:D


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                  Geez, maybe I should put broad cloth on my wish list too. A broad cloth dress would be perfect with the dentalium shell cape I started working on during the summer. I'll probably be collecting more shells for a while since I doubt that I have enough, so the cloth can wait for a while. (I pulled my cape in progress out so a friend could see it. She said that back in the day I would have been considered a wealthy woman. I wish I could have that green in my pocket now.)


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