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Dancing during Crow Hops

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  • Dancing during Crow Hops


    I have a question about Crow Hop a Southern Cloth Dancer what kind of step do you do during this song?

    I've seen some lady's that just do the normal step......but then I've also see some lady's that do a more sedate version (smaller steps...not so much kick out) crow hop like the men.

    I've been sitting out alot on these songs trying to figure out what is the right step to do.....but would like to know how as a Southern Cloth Dancer we should dance during these songs.

    I appreciate anything any one can add or tell any of us on how we should dance during Crow Hop songs.



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    the step i was taught to do is the kick out step alsmost like the men, but its almost like a stomp dance step but you kick ur feet up higher
    Don't ever stop dancing


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      Thanks for your reply.......

      I appreciate your answer. What you described is pretty much what I've seen other lady's do. But, then I would also see other ladies just doing the normal I kind of wondered.
      I asked a friend but she wasn't real sure either since neither one of us has danced the Crow Hop.

      This is why I posted this hear from all you other ladies as to how you dance the Crow Hop.

      Thanks again,


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        You know what? I never knew you did Crow Hop. I've never seen one around here before. Give me some advice or info. :Angel2


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          Hi Apache-HopiGirl,

          We were at a Pow Wow here in Texas, and there was a northern drum group - Red Wind (Wing?), that played the crow hop.
          (By the way, they are a GREAT northern drum......I'm always glad to see them at a pow wows!!!!!)
          The step is kind of like a small kick forward, step down.
          Lets hear from some of you other ladies that have done this and give us some advice. :Help



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            hard question

            From what i've seen most people from here have picked up a step I guess from OK, like you said a kind of kick forward, but then I've seen them stay in one spot for honor beats, then go.
            Then i've also seen like other women dancers dance off the balls of their feet. so i guess it's pretty much how you want to dance. Crow hop is not a dance from the east so maybe someone from OK or somewhere out west has a better answer or more advice on the dance.
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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