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Who taught you to dance?

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  • Who taught you to dance?

    I was taught by a variety of southern ladies from down here. Cassandra Bointy, Etta R and sis. So I have a Kiowa and Otoe thing going on. Though I have a deep apprecation for there styles. All of these ladies were taught by there granmothers, which I think is so cool. What bout yall?

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    actually a lady - who some called the mystic woman from the mtns with her wolf) but she is a really nice and friendly woman - actually brought me and my friend into the circle. southern cloth dancer - very graceful woman, very honroable and from then on I've been dancing and learning over the years.
    I'm still learning more each day. nad jsut beign around people who do dance, sing, and pow wow for life is another way i've been learning

    there is so much to learn about each and every dance style and where they originated, and how they came to be......

    sorry there were no tribal elders or cermonial event, to bring me into the circle, just another dancer brought me in...
    Well will wonders never cease.....


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      "Forrest Gump"
      Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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        Nobody taught me. I just learned from watching the adult women when I was little. I was always observing everyone! :D


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          yea i watched mostly and my aunties took me out there in the arena when they went out there.

          We use to practice at home too and my mom would watch and give us pointers.
          The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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            My auntie and then when i was at home i practiced ALL the time. I was always dancing at home. Trying new things out or improving on what i hmm.....Thank you auntie!! *LOL*
            Are you taking me to sizzler??


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              I've been dancing for as long as i can matter what style my mom had me dressed up as, i was always jumpin' around fancy dancing.....when i started to take traditional more serious i'd watch most of the other ladies & of course my parents would give me pointers. Strongly developed my own style in my teen years.......
              *BE EASY*


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                i learned from a guy and then a gal in the university of texas longhorn american indian council. then i started learning at powwows from the very nice ladies who are in frequent attendance of central texas powwows. i was informally brought in by the laic, i suppose. i don't claim to be good, but i keep the beat; i don't contest (have problems stopping:Blush), just intertribals, but hope to bring my future kids into the arena young so they can learn easier (i have one of those "sobsob granny was a native in the great depression and hated it and won't share her culture" stories).
                dat's my story in brief!
                I am me, and that's all i can be;
                no more, no less.


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                  When my family lived in Oklahoma, my sisters and I would dance when we went "home". Our aunties would help us. It was a lot of fun but when we moved out of state we quit dancing. We attended the pow wows in this area but we didn't dance.


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                    I started dancing at 7yrs. old...My grandmother (Ellen Neconie) and mom (Suzanne Neconie Corriveau) taught me. I remember my first time was down in Anadarko at the Indian Expo. and would also dance with my other family members at the Kiowa Black Leggins Society...later learned to Scalp Dance, which my aunties taught me.


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                      I wanted to thank those ladies that gave a serious answer to this question. I'm not even from a southern tribe, but I've been given the rite by a family in Ok. I don't dance tradish very often. I admire you ladies that dance tradish. It hurts my knees just watching yall dance, making it look all smooth.:Thumbs


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