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What about your skins?

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  • What about your skins?

    Hey everybody nother thought here
    We've talked about our dresses fans, shawls, beadwork etc....
    How about our mocs and leggins.
    What style and type do you wear??, because of????(tribal, given etc..)
    Do they join at the ankle?, are they seperate? beaded? partially, fully?
    Do your leggins go all the way up your thigh? are they just calf leggins?

    I'll start, I have a pair that was made, with a beadwork patch of a bear claw on it.
    colors are yellow red and white. pretty much go with all my dresses.
    No I don't have any leggins.
    The last pair I made was made in one piece, moc and leggin, no beadwork though.
    But they had the tail that if it were years ago, would cover my tracks. I thought they were cool.
    My first attempt at mocs and leggins.
    What are your stories.
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    the leggings I wear fit just below the knees and dont attach to the moc's.
    They are leather and have a side tab. The moc's are one piece and center seam construction.My outfit is abenaki , wool side- wrap skirt with ribbon and floral bead work with a calico top with broches and washers. I havent completed the hood that is traditional for the outfit yet.
    The moc's are a first effort , I am going to make a second pair that I will bead. Maybe another pair of leggings too out of wool.
    I have seen some ladies dancing cloth that wear thier traditional leggings and moccs with them.


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      My leggins are calf leggins....they have flowers beaded on the toe and some lazy stitch around the bottom of the foot, the ankle and up the leg. They attach at the ankle....I think they're pretty muss but they're startin to get kinda old. Guess I better get on it and have some new ones done......:D


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