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    I am really new to Dancing, and my Grandmother hasn't done it in ages, so I can't really ask them for much help, so I coming to you!

    We are Blackfeet, and I want to be able to show that in my dress and beadwork, but I do not know how. I also do not know how to make more of a traditional dress. A friend of the family does make regalia, but she always asks me to find what is traditional for Blackfeet, but my Grandmother does not recall (she has had brain damage this past year), and I am unsure on who I can turn too. I am just looking into traditional.
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    Otter, we are not Blackfeet, but I have seen lotsa references to Blackfeet regalia here. You're new, and might be like me, still learning how to use this site!

    Go to the Groups tab, and find powwow crafts, and then General crafts. Look for the search box at the topright hand corner of the page, and type in what you are looking for. It's amazing the ammount of info you can dig up.
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      Smiling Otter, I believe you have already been advised on how to find out about your tribe's dancing/culture.

      Have you contacted anyone at the Band office? There is an entire cultural centre specific to the Blackfoot Nation at Blackfoot Crossing, Alberta. Have you contacted the curator of the centre for help?

      Just some friendly advice, up in Canada the term is, "We are Blackfoot" not Blackfeet (comes from Sik - black ika -foot). Blackfeet is specific to the Piegan Blackfeet of Montana. Since in your original post you claimed you are Siksika - which is on the Canadian side and is an Alberta First Nation, I'm confused as your reference to the Montana band? Are you Siksika or Piegan Blackfeet?
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        Oh! Thanks for the link, I didn't know how to find that thread again. I am new to how forums work!

        Yes, I am Siksika. To be honest, I have always been corrected when at Powwows, we use Blackfoot here at my home, but when I go out to powwows they correct me then ask what Siksika is! I do know what Siksika means though :D
        Earth teach me stillness as the
        grasses are stilled with light.Earth teach me suffering as old stones suffer with memory. Earth teach me humility as
        blossoms are humble with beginning.


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          Originally posted by SmilingOtter View Post
          Yes, I am Siksika.
          Then you know that you should be talking to your people for your questions.
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