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adding fringe to a velvet t dress

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  • adding fringe to a velvet t dress

    i have some velvet stretch material that i'd like to make a t dress with--it's not very thick--i was going to line it with calico and then attach white buckskin fringe to the sleeves--any suggestions on how to do it???? would it weigh the material down too much? thanks in advance for any help u can give!!:D
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    penne info--

    are you talking about penne fabric? careful with cutting. you want the big stretch to go horizontal (or possibly diagonal) or you'll have an amazing growing dress-- when it gets wet penne (stretch crushed velvet) will 'grow' on ya; even high humidity does it. the water weight in the fabric causes it to stretch down, even if lined-- it droops over the bottom hem (unless you quilt it so it is attached in multiple places and doesn't have to support its own weight).

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      thanks piperchick! i don't think it's penne but will doublecheck- my friend's mom is making it ......and i wanted to get all the info i could before starting----i dance southern & have only had satin dresses .....and nothing with fringe it might be a learning process!:( :(

      any pointers for the fringe?
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        Maybe my bad here but the only cloth/velvet tops with fringe have been northern... I haven't seen southern ones. What is the difference between the two? Do they look different and if so how? :dontknow:
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          OH.........well i'm a traditional dancer (mostly starting & then always quitting b/c i'm so shy )and wanted to have something with fringe on it--b/c it looks so beautiful--the dress isn't northern buckskin or anything---just a velvet T dress as opposed to my satin one-----have seen some other southern dancers w/them so thought it was ok-i thought it was just a variation of my style-and traditionally indians from nc (coastal croatans, others) did wear a lot of fringe on their clothing--is it not right to do this?
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            The velvet dress sounds nice, but I don't think I'd go with stretchy stuff, on acount that key words it stretches! Sometimes in places you don't want it too!

            White buck skin fringe on a velvet dress? uhhhmmmm play around with it first! To me it doesn't sound like it would go, but it's your dress, you do what makes YOU happy!

            Good luck with it, and post pics!
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