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    I am from the Uintah Ouray Rez but moved before grandmother had a chance to show me the rest of the regalia. She taught me how to make my T dress. Saddly I am the only one in my family that attends pow wows, dances, and does beadwork. So I am pretty much on my own here...
    So I am wondering what all goes to the full set?
    I have so far, dress, shawl, full beaded bag, strike-a-light set, beaded hair ties, beaded wrist bands, beaded moccs, leggings, and a beaded back barrett.
    So I am wondering, looking at all these photos from pow wows is it acceptable to make a beaded choker with a big beaded drop on the front, and can I wear plumes instead of a feather, also would it be acceptable to wear more than just the beaded back barrett in my hair, such as two side barretts along with my medicine wheel with my feathers. And do I need one of those scarfs and neck ties, or will the choker due?
    And what is it with all those crowns and cloth dresses?
    Anyone who can help....

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    Sorry I can't help with this one... not ignoreing you just do not understand. To me it sounds like a mixing of styles. :Thinking

    Hopefully someone else will be able to help ya out.
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      Maybe then you know what goes to each style? would you be able to tell me the particulars of the two styles so that I can correct what I am doing wrong?
      I have just gone by the pics on the GON website where the ladies in cloth seem to have all this beadwork and things on.
      thanks so much


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        it would seem being raised around utes and shoshone that you would dance kind of their style, if that is where you are from

        and maybe use some cherokee designs... to add to your dress.(being that you are affiliated with EBCI)
        Well will wonders never cease.....


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          I do dance their style, southern cloth, I was so young that I do not remember all the items. Grandmother only put us in a simple ribbon t-dress, with wrap moccs. that is all I remember, she never danced so I don't remember what all goes with what ...I feel so confused and


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            I wouldn't think there was a right way or wrong way to dress. The feeling you get from the drum that makes you want to dance is what is most important. I have been to non-native powwows where the participants had different outfits for each session but couldn't stay in step with the beat of the drum. I also have attended powwows on reservations where poverty runs high and seen people dance in their street clothes but they had been touched by the spirit of the drum. The first person to start a new style was the first and I don't think they were questioned. However you do it is the way that you do it and I think that as long you have a good intentions about participating inside the arena then you should have nothing to worry about.


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              Originally posted by ndnhottie79
              I do dance their style, southern cloth, I was so young that I do not remember all the items. Grandmother only put us in a simple ribbon t-dress, with wrap moccs. that is all I remember, she never danced so I don't remember what all goes with what ...I feel so confused and
              Hi, I don't know if I am correct on this one, but I am part northern Ute. Although I am Ute I dance southern buckskin as I am also part Omaha. I believe it is only right to add onto your dance outfit that matches the tribal style you are dancing. I have a Ute aunt who dances northern buckskin. If you are dancing southern cloth, there are differnet styles of southern cloth too, that go with each tribal style. For example there is the T dress that can be Kiowa, Comanche. Or there is the applique skirt with a satin blouse that goes with the tribal style of Omaha, Otoe, Ponca and other related tribes.
              It sounds like you may have some items that are mixed, but just watch those experienced dancers out there in the circle too.

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