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  • what makes your toes curl

    Okay, when you dance or at a PW, what makes your toes curl....
    Like a certain song,
    a dancer you watch,
    etc. etc.
    let's see I love watching gr*** and fancy mens especially when it gets downt o the grit of the dance, who stops on time, how the song goes....and just seeing them dance
    The was a drum song, no idea the name, that we sang marching downtown Atlanta a few years ago, when we walked to the capitol building. Listening to the men and the drum (one drum) just sounded so, not solemn, but lonely??...sad..
    then this other time we sang Tom Wares song, I can't think of the name will let you know after lunch
    but talk to me ladies...
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    My toes curl on a good song. All my friends pick with me because they always say they can tell when I am loving a song by the way I dance. The jokes are really funny actually.

    I also love a good Chicken Dance. Something about watching those men and the moves.....wheewwwwwwwwww! Especially when you have them down right!


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      Good veterans songs. Ponca have some that are beautiful but are not sung in general powwow.


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        Good southern songs in general make my toes curl, but what really gets me hopping is gourd songs! Like to sing em and like to dance em......


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          I agree with some of the others........i love to watch both Grass & traditional chicken dancers!!! Those songs (as well as the dancers!) make my heart race outta control! I also love to see a packed dance arena durning intertribals....MOST of them are jammin'
          Finally the thing that drives me completely crazy are the northern singers who hit those high notes on a lead.....OOOOOOOH BABY! Makes my elkteeth wanna take a bite! Ha Ha Ha!

          (I know, i know this is the southern cloth thread, but i had to throw my cents in!)

          ~Buckskinz :Naughty :Tongue :Thumbs :2:
          *BE EASY*


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            Makes me feel good!!!

            I like hearing a good northern and southern lead. I like to hear Cozad and Southern thunder sing, some of their songs make me want to cry.
            I like watching southern straight dancers and northern buckskin their always graceful.
            I also like seeing a nice looking indian man.:Tongue :Tongue :JawDrop :Blush
            :Heart"If you love something, let it go; if it comes back to you it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was!!!! *DMX* :Heart

            :stooges: If you don't stand for something; you'll fall for anything! :stooges:


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              :Chatter OH yeah, a good chicken dance just tears my nerves up. In Richmond in November on Saturday night they had one song it was soo good!! I stopped adding numbers and just watched. You know how you ball your hands up close to your chest and start dancing in beat to the music. When that song was over I was just yelling. To bad I can't loo loo but I am not that musically inclined. OH well!! I just can't seem to get it down.:Cry As for a song, Stoney Creek has a Veteran's Song that actually sends chills down my spine when they sing it. Now there is not too many songs that does that but the first time they had sung it in public was at Durham Feb. 2000 and ever since then I am hooked. Sure wish I could sing:( . BUT hey ladies let's give it up for any of the SOBER Native guys that will treat a woman right, not many of them around. When you find an extra one, let me know, Okay??
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              Becky B.


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                B]BUT hey ladies let's give it up for any of the SOBER Native guys that will treat a woman right, not many of them around. When you find an extra one, let me know, Okay[/B]

                LET ME KNOW TOO!:Angel2



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                  Hey ladies, a sober native guy makes your toes curl?
                  A decent guy period is good to.
                  anyone seen the new calendar for 2002 and you know what i'm talking about.
                  so everyone go uncurl your toes
                  Well will wonders never cease.....


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                    Just testing this out first...
                    ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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                      Ok.. I'm new at this...

                      Anywho... what makes mah heart skip a beat.. my toes curl... mah heart start racing... brings chills up n down mah spine... makes mah cheeks all red... blush... etc... Oooh gosh...

                      I think it would be watchin' dem gr*** dancers!!! Yummy ... :p guyz with nice neatly braided hair... a great smile... honest eyes... I gotta agree w/NDNQt... a sober nish guy would be nice too.

                      Let's see what else???? Oh yeah... I heard Bear Creek sing this song during Grand Entry at GON in Albs.. Holay!! I got chills!!! It was sweeeeeet

                      Well just thought I'd let uz know my thoughts... :Angel2
                      ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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