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  • Old year/ new year

    so what did you not get to last year but have made plans for this year?

    i.e. beadwork, new gear, travel........

    I hope to travel more this year(pow wows)
    plans on going overseas, that didn't get done last year.

    new outfit for my son - sequin

    actually have been working out before the new year, so will keep it up
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    Definitely new beadwork this spring and about 3 new sets of ribbonwork(get ready, Diane!)
    I had the opportunity to travel alot this past summer,and I will probably do so again this summer because my girls got a chance to dance all over: Ft. Hall, Rocky Boy, Ft. Totten,Shakopee,Prairie Island, St. Croix, LIttle Shell and we want to hit some different pow wows too. They did really well in their dancing and made alot of new friends all over. At times, they were the only southern dancers there, and still did well.
    but for myself, I need an overhaul on my outfits. I am ready to give my stuff to my girls and get all new for the spring, head to toe. No rhinestones, just cuts. No taffeta or sparkle satin, all bridal satin and broadcloth.
    I want to hit a few home pow wows, but mostly stick around up north for the majority of the summer and come back home in the fall and get ready for school and all of that boring stuff.
    Want to go to Cherokee for the 4th. I have been saying that and have never been yet. Hopefully, my family will feel sorry for me this time and we will go out there instead of Thunderbird. If I am going to sweat to death, I would rather be in North Carolina. Never been out there, want to give it a try.
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      Last year I wanted to bead a whole new outfit for myself. However, that didn't happen. Last year I mainly beaded for my niece, and am doing it again this year.

      I beaded for some people last year, but now I think I am going to stick with beading for my immediate family now because I get quite a few requests. I hate having to turn them down, but I get so many that I have no choice. Plus, I hate putting a time limit on when I will be able to finish. :(

      Also, I didn't get to go to many pow-wows like I wanted. I have a job where I have to work some weekends, so it's a bummer. Hopefully this year I will able to go to some pow-wows. That'll be neat.
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        this year i'm going to be on the highway alot...getting started on this new dress...can't wait...hope to see everyone soon
        blah blah blah....


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          I got sum new hairties done..
          .. I want to finish my choker and sum cuffs.. and two rings.
          .. I want to finish my beaded top for August..
          .. I want to finish a new top for my sister
          .. I'm gonna start working on my buddy, Dawnings, top..
          .. I WILL finish some beadwork for my lil' guy nephew. I wish I had pics of his outfit to post on here. I was soooo proud of it!
          .. I will finish my mocs!!.. lol.. I have ONE side sorta done.
          .. Finally.. I want to get out to MORE pow wows this year... it doesn't matter where.. as long as I'm not staying home.

          I will PLAN on going to Frog Lake pow wow to visit..mah buddy.. "Big Bear's Girl"..
          ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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            *I will finish beading my granddaughter's mocs and leggings
            *I will go to more powwows (with my gd!)
            *Finish ribbon shirts for my son
            *Continue to have healthy eating habits
            *Work out and exercise more consistently
            *After fifnishing beading for everyone else, bead matching leggings and mocs for new dress.
            *Bead a beautiful scenery beaded bag and submit into tribal art show


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              I hope this year all my Sisters and I can attend at least one pw this year together....:huddle:.
              "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

              ~ Ah nech me hewet ~ :49:


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