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what y'all know about Dallas?

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  • what y'all know about Dallas?

    Hey Happy New Year Everyone!
    Husband and I are thinking about moving to Dallas. Anyone near there or know what the powwow circuit is like in Texas? I'd also love any info on any Indian organizations to help me meet people, ya know?


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    I grew up in Dallas, but have been away for about 23 yearrs! YIKES! Anyway, there is a Dallas Indian Center, a clinic and there are a couple of groups that put on powwows around the metro area. (Dallas-Ft.Worth) THere is also an Dallas Indian United Methodist Church located in Oak Cliff. The Texas Kiowa Tia-Piah is outa' Crowley which is outside Ft. Worth. OF course, there are lots of benefits during the year. And there are some big contest ones also. Traders VIllage in Grand Prairie the second weekend in September always drraws a lot of people. But, also remember that you are very close to Oklahoma when living in Dallas. Just a short drive to a host of dances every weekend. As for the dances around Texas.... you just have to look for them and take into consideration that Texas is a BIG state and there might be alot of driving involved. Anyway, I hope you enjoy living in the Lone Star State!


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      THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :Chatter


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