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    Which do most of you prefer, cloth or buckskin leggings?
    I'm about to make my next set of leggings to match my mocs, last pair had them attached in one whole piece, but i see lots of dancers with cloth beaded leggings, and then also some with buckskin wrapped up.
    so just checking it out.
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    When I dance in cloth, it is with cloth leggings, much cooler.


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      If your wanting fully beaded, I'd probably go with cloth. If not I'd go with the buckskin. That is just me.
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        Now that Northern and Southern cloth styles are combined, I'm afraid that the lines are going to become somewhat blurred when there are discussions such as this. New folks who are just learning about putting their clothes together may get confused about what is correct for either style. Maybe we should indicate in our posts that we are referring to either Northern or Southern style of clothes - whatever the individual message is about.

        Just a thought.


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          Sounds like a good idea to put whether it is northern or southern.
          It would help to put my mind on the right path. Sometimes the differences are very small.


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            i have seen both northern and southern dancers use cloth and buckskin leggings.
            I guess most try to keep their mocs and leggings matchable
            I was jsut wondering since i now have seperate mocs and leggings.
            Last few years been wearing (boot) style moc and legging that was one whole piece of leather, sticithed for moc and sticthed up the side for the legging part.
            Most women i've seen that just now start to dance start with cloth, being easier to make I guess. That is why I'm asking.
            So as not to assume anymore about others.
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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              I made my first dress last year. I chose cloth because it was easier to work with and light weight for the summer months which is usually when I get to go to powwows. I used cloth for the leggins also. I have seen many women who use cloth for the dress also use the same cloth for their leggins. Once I am more experieinced I intend to make a buckskin dress.

              Mine is a northern style dress.

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