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  • Beadwork style

    Since most have some type of beadwork on our outfits. do you stay withing a certain tribal design? or do you just design your beadwork? or is it a family style?
    Just curious as to where everyone gets their ideas
    Well will wonders never cease.....

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    Well, I use my own design, I guess, well, my mom kind of thought of it, but I use my family colrs, since My dad is Hopi, he comes comes from the Fire clan. So my dad thought of the colors. My design is a star, almost like the Gathering of Nations symbol, but this has 2 points that point out to each side, black is in the center and comes out to white almost like fire. Well, I do my own beadwork, and my parents just instructed me what to do on my very first outfit. Next, in July, I will be working on dancing Jingle, I am going to use my own colors and my own design, so this outfit can be what I want it to be. Later!:Angel2
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      I use my tribal colors of the san carlos apache nation and sunset colors. my designs are basically my own. I mostly use dimonds and triangles. my first set my hairties are like the T necklace that was made during my sunrise dance and so was my belt. The necklace has a eagle on it so the belt was made the same way and sadly I could not fit an eagle on the hairtie.


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        Now I think that is cool.
        Having tribal colors, or family colors.
        Personally haven't run into it yet. But I have mostly staied with colors of the sun(dawn get it) (no really jsut like the colors of red yellow, orange adn some black and white) have used this in almost all my beadwork.
        But have also done colors to go with my dresses also. Earth tones I guess you'd call it.
        Anyone have a special preference of colors they use?
        Well will wonders never cease.....


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          My colors are blue, red, white, and yellow.

          I also like to work with earth tones.

          I am hoping to purchase my first loom soon. I can begin to learn beading on the loom then. If anyone has any sugestions for loom beading I would really apprciate it!

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            bead design

            :p If you go for trad. then you would stay within your tribe designs, or colors, most of the designs for the blackfeet are flowers, most of these patterns have been in familys hundred of years before beads whene quill work was all that was done. You need to be very carefull of not copping someones design, it is almost like a standing rights are on them (family crest) I have never seen this done but have heard of it: someone wearing some familys design and then having it dissapear in some way sometimes taken away right in front of them or behind their back. I my self would rather educate the person so they would know.
            Just a northern suggestion to help.


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              I love Shayne and Cree's foral paterns. Paying tribute to there Otoe roots. Even there skirt designs are cool.:clap:


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