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    okay, so i've been away from the boards for awhile now, but i've been seeing the big topic of glitter and glitz pop up quite often, and i've just gotta ask...
    regardless of immediate opinion, who do you get more lost in watching, the girls who are dressed to the nine in all of the sparkle and shine, or the ones with the more traditional outfits?
    and from your personal opininons, who would you rather cheer for? a professional poser, or just a dancer?

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    Glitter and glitz

    Its hard to put togather them awesome glittery outfits!! You really have to put a lot of effort into it. Doesnt mean that, they are a poser. Its really hard to come up with an origanal outfit like that. Thats just my opinion anyways.
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      Well it has been said before but I will say it again...had alot of these materials been out there to use back in the old pick when the old days were...LOL, then we probably would have used them then too. As many of our "traditional" materials dissappear on us we do end up looking for alternatives. But as long as there are the materials out there, there are those who are going to use them. I don't think the glittery, sparkley outfits take away from the more traditional outfits...sometimes they make them stand out more! Depends on how many of each are out on the dance floor. I love to see both...I want to see both. And if they can't dance, then they don't need to be on the dance floor right? LOL!!!
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        I think what it all comes down to You have to change with the times! Like Blackbear said, I'm sure if they had it back then, they probably would have used them. Besides, back then it wasn't like they could just go down the road to the fabric store!


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          hmm.. toughy :p

          Actually I kinda like them both. The glitter and glitz is pretty cool. A lot of people have such outfits, which is kinda also why I like the old style. It looks so cool, I dunno I guess I just like the older style, because it's more traditionalized.



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            I agree-I like them both. I've seen a lot of changes over the years and the glitz that is out now is a fad. Eventually, it will change to something else, new and improved. I think it shows everyones individuallity, which is great!!!:rainbw:


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              since this is everyone's own opinion and stuff......I like to say that I like the old style. Yeah all the glitz looks good, but I think that staying close to the old is the best. For me personally, I use satin for ribbonwork, but that's about as glitzy as it gets. I just think that everyone has their own style, so do what you like. The shiny and sparkly stuff looks great on some people, but just doesn't on me. To each their own, I say. If you think you look good and can dance, more power to you. :D


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                For myself I like the old ways. But some of the young girls look great. No matter how fancy your cothes are it ends up that they still have to be able to dance to they best they can.


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                  glitter and ................

                  Well, I am kind of in the middle of this subject. Part of my matching beadwork has rhinestones on it which make it very sparkly in the sunlight. My leggins have some on it too! But the rest of my beadwork is not like that. Well, the reason why this is so, is because my permanent outfit has all the sparkly stuff, while my temp outfit doesn't. Yes I guess you do have to change with the time.

                  I have seen a lot of beautiful beadwork during my life, and adding more to it makes it better. Even If I was judging, I would have to go with the dance style, not the outfit.
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                    I think I'm in the center also. I like the glitter outfits but the traditional are really cool to. I guess it just depends on how she dances. Now days you see a lot of glitter things and i guess you begin to roll with it. Times are changin'.


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                      i'm impressed...

                      sorry once again, i've been out of the loop for awhile...

                      i think the biggest concern i have is keeping up... i've always believed that appearance is everything... it's one thing to know how to dance, another thing to have dance in your blood, and a far other thing to appear to be GOOD. i also believe that the hardest thing for me to take is the idea of pure competition. sure we've all got bills to pay, and outfits to maintain, but i wonder sometimes about the girls/ladies who are only out to make the money because they know that the money is there. i've danced my whole life... i mean my WHOLE life... and in that i've seen a lot of people come into the arena with just the desire to beat everyone, as opposed to just having the passion to be there. please don't get me wrong, i in no way mean to say that the girls in glitz chose to be that way because they want to win, but you have to admit, in making an outfit, and going to a pow-wow, deep down there is that small desire to look as well as you can so that you will place...


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                        All the fancy or plain clothes does not matter. What does matter is that you do the best You can. Go in there with what you have been taught. The right mind and heart set. A young girl I know told me niece one time that everyone has their time to shine. You will find yours.


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                          I don't think it matters really how fancy or plain your outfit is just how well you dance, How you carry yourself, and how often you are in the arena. I would chose the girl who tries the hardest, dnaces the best and acts properly. :Angel:


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                            good point...

                            in a lot of ways i agree with everyones response, but come on, you have to agree that appearance is important, right? thank you for your encouraging words though... i certainly know what it means to have your moment in time... a couple of years ago, i held the title for my nation's fair powwow, and after that everything seemed to go uphill... lately, i've been away from the arena though, focusing on school and getting set up on my own two feet, but i'm sure you know how that goes....


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                              Glitz & glitter are really " in" nowadays, I've made alot of the beadwork w/rhinestones in it the past few years ! I like to see a nice, well put-together dance outfit - glittery or not.



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