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  • What do you look for?

    Ok, for those of you who have been asked to judge I'm wondering what do you look for? The outfits, accesories, or who usually places?

    Just wonderin'

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    The ability to dance her style. The way she is with the other girls. Does she cut the others off, etc. When you have to nitpick to make a choice that's when the outfits come in to play.


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      Like Beth said, can she dance her style. As simple as it sounds you would be surprised how many cannot do this well.
      She also has to look like she loves what she is doing and not just to impress the judges. By that I mean does she believe in her style of dance. When a dancer does, she exibits a certain grace and elegance. Then with all those things in order, then i look at the outfit as a whole. Is it in keeping with her dance style? What is the apperance as a whole. (clean, pressed etc) I also look for that one special something that will set her apart from the others. I don't cater to kiss-ups. Either you have it or not.
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        There is more than just "dancing her style." You look for a certain dignity, a regal bearing. You want the dancer to be graceful, know her songs well enough so that she can "step with the drum." A dancer should also know the proper way to use her fan, carry and move the fringe on her shawl. The whole picture should be one of grace. She should also look as though she enjoys dancing -- not flash wild grins at everyone, but dance with a slight smile on her face. The clothes should be appropriate for the style of dance, neat, clean and presentable. A judge should also overlook the "Hollywood" outfits that some of the professional contesters wear. It's not the outfit that dances, its the person wearing it.

        Contestants should also follow the rules set by the dance committee. If they expect you to be in 3 grand entries, be there. If they say you must be in full dance clothes to accept your winnings -- stay dressed. Pay attention to the rules, to what the M.C. asks you to do, and BE ON TIME.

        Personally, I also want to see dance contestants participate in intertribals and not just show up for the money dance.



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          One more thing

          Beaded Pony - If the person can dance well, they can make the outfit dance too.:)


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            Judging should be done with an open are looking for style, grace, knowledge of song and pride. I agree that if the person wearing the dress can dance - then the dress dances as well.
            I would never judge by regalia as any aspect. It doesn't even play a part. In Oklahoma there are a lot of dancers with keen outfits but can't stay in step and miss the stop. Judge on the ability of the dancer matter who they are or how the regalia looks!:)


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