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    if you going to dance southern cloth you should get the rights from the people where it stated from. you should find out about it and get the right to do it. most people out there not from oklahome don't have the right to do it. you know who you are and you should be a shame of your self. the pattern that you copy is not yours and you should not use it or try to change it so you can say it's yours. that pattern may belong to some on.

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    Yep,yep,,that's where its at,,,I've had some of my regalia and beaded jewelry copied,,doesn't make me feel flattered,,,makes me mad,,Work hard on something only to have your idea copied----------- IS NOT RIGHT.
    People that do this should stop and think that these things not theirs to take!!!! But others TALENT and Hard Work,,


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      Since this is an open discussion of goes

      I've had some of my designs copied as well and am not the least bit flattered. I work very hard to come up with my designs and ideas for my family's regalia. The worst part of it is that another Indian is copying my stuff.
      Everyone needs their own style and designs. Keep it real or at least ask the party that you are copying from.

      Also, if you are not given the right to wear another tribes clothing style or designs - don't. Nothing is more upsetting than seeing someone change styles just because they like the outfit! If you change styles I have been told that it has to be paid for. You have to pay for the right to wear those clothes - not just do it.


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