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  • Cloth dress N Gatherings

    Gathering of Nations....

    Ok.. I've checked out the website for this pow wow and had no luck.

    I wanted to see the different categories. I'll be dancing for the first time over there. I'm soooo nervous. ayeee.. jks.

    Oh yeah my question. Are there any cloth dancers with fringes at Gatherings?? I've seen some at Schemitzun. Do they dance with Northern Traditional (Buckskin) or Southern Cloth?

    Ya think I'll be the only one with a dress like this??
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    How many plan to make it to Gathering?
    I'd love to go, kind of tempted right now. Don't know if i'd dance just love to go watch.
    Not sure of the categories, but they probably have southern cloth
    Well will wonders never cease.....


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      What I have seen is yes, there is cloth with fringes and they dance with northern traditional. So far I haven't seen a southern one yet. Not to say that there isn't one out there, I just haven't seen one.
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